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Or Breakfast , Lunch ?

Just what are you consuming ?

Last night for me , it was yellow , red , and green bell peppers ,

sauteed with broccoli , red onions , and tempeh , over rice ,

with grilled salmon...

Tonight , it is five cheese pizza : mozzarella , parmesan , asiago ,

romano , and ricotta cheeses , topped with grilled chicken and

pesto...chocolate brownie for dessert later...;)

So...what is your delight ?

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I think it's the lime that off-sets the bitter.  Kale is supposed to be one of those super foods.  I was reading a book awhile back on survival in a nuclear winter, and growing and eating hothouse kale may be the one thing that could help one to survive scurvy and starvation.


What book is it? I have a friend who is super into that kind of thing. 

The book was actually a work of fiction, based on science fact.  The title is Ashfall, and it's the first in a trilogy by Mike Mullin.


Excellent page-turner!  Mullin's description of the eruption of the super-volcano under Yellowstone Park is both realistic and terrifying.  I had no idea that the sound alone (which would go on for days and could be heard hundreds of miles away) would be enough to cause serious damage to you, let alone the resulting volcanic/nuclear winter.


Here's the Amazon link:

Here's how it begins:

I was home alone on that Friday evening.  Those who survived know exactly which Friday I mean.  Everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing, in the same way my parents remembered 9/11, but more so.  Together we lost the old world, slipping from that cocoon of mechanized comfort into the hellish land we inhabit now.  The pre-Friday world of school, cell phones, and refrigerators dissolved into this post-Friday world of ash, darkness, and hunger.

"refrigerators dissolved into this post-Friday world of ash, darkness, and hunger."

But , but , but...THE FOOD !

School , cell phones...bye bye , no problem...

But I want some things cold !

( I already lived without electricity for years of my life )

Thank you.

Y'all are welcome.  I hope you're still thankful after that book gives you nightmares.  lol

Kale , Spinach , Arugula salad , red onions , sweet bell peppers...

Thai sesame lime dressing by Drew's Dressings...

That will do it...;)

Not sure about dinner but my sweet tooth is calling my name so homemade chocolate pudding (my rare dessert) and whip cream. Maybe a BLT for lunch .

Breakfast for me usually consists of hard boiled eggs and oatmeal on a regular basis, sometimes will change it out for egg sandwiches.

Lunch what ever is on hand (outside of FIREHOUSE SUBS/work), am not picky with whats in the fridge

Dinner = thats where I have to get creative with the grocery list on a bi-weekly basis; 

           This week= for MOTHERS DAY it will be Halibut, mashed potatoes w/garlic & broccoli

Todays menu = besides oatmeal for breakfast,

                      lunch will be from Circle K/7-11/work,

                      dinner need to figure out (or mom is cooking)

desserts = usually don't have any, but either its OREOS & MILK or Coffee with a scoop of ice cream


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