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Article:  Does anyone think we Respect the military too much?

America:  Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression...You think you have it right?

Sure you do! Having it doesn't mean you won't be fired from your job, or become the target of a public witchhunt on Facebook!

Lindsey Stone was within sight of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the photo was considered offensive because of the 'expression' it implies...

It doesn't matter much if she's just being silly, or demonstrating her defiance of the sign for the sake of capturing a funny moment at Arlington Cemetery...  She published the photo on Facebook and this was the catalyst for a whirlwind of media attention and her eventual forced leave, and termination.

Do we Respect the Military too much?  Does the guy that cleans the toilets have as much honor as the soldier on the cover of Time Magazine who fought in Iraq?

Do civil employees have to follow the Code of Conduct the military is bound to?

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My question is, this notion...'These people serve their country and made ultimate sacrifice' 

Should it be extended to the military across the board?  The visual image that people have of the military overall is that it as a body defends freedom, bleeds for it, and this warrants the utmost respect for it.  

The reality is, only a small number actually go to 'war', or even shoot a gun for that matter.  Do we respect the pencil pushers, janitors and technical people as much as infantry?

You only need to serve in the military to be buried in Arlington Cemetery, this means that even the janitor is buried there.


"The reality is, only a small number actually go to 'war', or even shoot a gun for that matter.  Do we respect the pencil pushers, janitors and technical people as much as infantry?"

The answer to that question is yes. My brother was 18, he worked in the motor pool on engines. He never shot anyone, was never in a face to face combat, but they blew him up any way. Because he was brave enough to join the sevice. When he signed those papers he didn't know he would be a mech. He thought he would be in combat, but he signed them any way. Four of my brothers left, one came home. Vietnam.

Fast foward 25 years, it's peace time. Meaning we were not at war officially. My nephew was a marine he was assigned to an embacy as a secetary, a sniper shot him while he set at his desk because some radical decided to make a point. Kuwait.

My niece was a secetary in Iraq. She was still having nightmares when they transfered her to a base in Texas after her tour for special counseling, so she could still be in active duty so she would have pay to support her three children, when a nut job walked into her building and killed 13 people and wounded 29 others. She watched her friends and co workers die. When a couple of years later I asked her, would she still have enlisted now, knowing all it entailed and she said yes, because she made a good difference in people's lives while she was over there. Her office assigned aid to the locals.

So you see Sin even the nobody support staff puts their life on the line when they sign those enlistment papers, even if they don't shoot a gun.

I also think that little b----, got what she deserved, she went to far, now accept responsibility for her actions and quit her damn whinning. No one forced her to act like an ass, she choose to. That was her use of the freedom she has, to choose to act like an ass.

Sure, I recognize their roles as part of the whole.  The question was whether or not people respect the Military too much, and should people walk on eggshells in fear of 'disrespect' being used as a way to launch witch-hunts?  She clarified it on her FB page when the outcry came out, but it wasn't enough.  Then a Facebook page was set up to get her fired and the users would not relent until the deed was done, and it was.  

I see funny pictures like this on THE CHIVE all the time.

What society prececeives as the truth is the truth. They preceived her being disrespectful, so she was. That was also my personal perception, that she was being disrespectful. So as far as her statement that it was OBVIOUSLY was not, wasn't so damn obvious to most of the people that seen it.

"What society prececeives as the truth is the truth."

That needs some clarification... There are plenty of things societies have perceived as truth that weren't. It did not matter how many people thought the earth was flat. Its roundness was unaffected. It does not matter how many people say that humans are not affecting the climate or that we can grow the economy and protect the environment at the same time... because it doesn't affect the actuality in the slightest.

Excately Draig. She may have seen it as funny and just a joke. But society seen it as her being disrespectful to ones that served in the service and they won because she is now unemployed. I wonder if she still thinks it was funny.

I wonder what job you can afford to work, and still maintain your liberties.

Very few... Ex white house reporter Helen Thomas was one of the most respected journalists in the country and for one moment she let her guard down and spoke her mind and her 50+ year career was over. 

What an incredibly oppressive atmosphere! And so intolerant...

That's why I never speak my mind online with my legal name attached.

I'm very leftist in a right-wing part of the country...and I like being employed.

Never had the problem myself.  I suppose, the bigger your name shows in lights, the more people believe they are entitled to a piece of you.  

They perceived it as projected at the dead, when it was projected at the sign that happened to be at Arlington cemetery.  Outcry isn't always rational, its emotional and often irrational.  A small percentage of people on Facebook, but large enough to make an impact affecting her employment.  How many people actually saw the photo to say MOST?


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