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I'm just curious. I'm not asking specifically what your tradition entails, only what you might like. For me, I think of the tavern at the end of the time. Endless stories shared over drink and fire. What's yours?

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I Just Want To Go Home


And From There We Shall See Where The Current and Winds Take Me



There Is Always Another Adventure


I Will Leave The Telling Of My Tales To Others


Tolkien and Lewis met in this pub!

that is my local pub - i worked in there and the one opposite for many years! lucky

Cheers and Skal as well!

Speaking of - a place like the Shire.

Where you can spend eternity in a place that is simple and peaceful and beautiful, where you can do all the things you couldn't do in this life without fear.  There will be cheerful places to gather with other souls.

Mine would be rejoining my late hubby who said i want a house like that when seeing the lord of the rings and wanted to live like the hobitts :).

I wish you your house then! As best I can.


We have a shire starting...

Myself , Aurelia , Katey...yeppum...

Totally individual , and private...but united by the mindframe...

Exactly ").

I'd rather enjoy a small, intimate setting in which I could watch my favorite bands perform. Oh, and lots of dogs for company. 

I shall miss my shadow as I walk gently into the brightness from the darkness of passing, no more will I need to look backwards to see my momentum, the caress of fur on my legs as my Dobermann`s take their chosen sides, the older,feisty ,rescued dog to my left, the younger, more amicable dog that grew from that small pup to my right, again the shadows of my Hounds are also gone.

I shall find my place among the loving passed, much removed from memory in the crossing of the River of Forgetfulness, but a knowledge that my place, and time in renewal, was right,and proper, and where I should be.

Where others were, and will be, a momentary blink away from where we once stood, questioning, curious, frightened of age and future.

My Hounds will lead me, watch over me, guide me, the scent of those who are  kind,peaceful,gentle and loving, quickens their pace, yet watchful of those whose shadow walks before them in the vale of light.

Once I have taken my place, I sit among those passed, the empty seats awaiting those yet to join us, and know the warmth of hearth, family, friends, and all that was once me, and those I  once knew so well.

I know true peace, peace of oneself, seldom really attained but aspired to, and of which we are given mere  momentary glimpses to ensure we stumble along the pathway and convince ourselves of our ability to embrace that peace and do not turn back.

I prepare a place as those before me have done for those to follow, the heart longing for their presence shared again, yet dreading the choice of the Goddess as to whom that may be, and  those they leave behind`s sorrow as great as the  desire for reunion is with me.


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