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I'm just curious. I'm not asking specifically what your tradition entails, only what you might like. For me, I think of the tavern at the end of the time. Endless stories shared over drink and fire. What's yours?

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Youre planning on being larger than afterlife then Shawn:)

Sitting in warm sunshine in a meadow of lilacs, with my 2 favorite friends.

Thats a  nice comforting projection White Willow.

You Bad...LOL !

Well then...what about 72 for plundering , one to keep ,

and cherish , and grant her her wishes as your eternal

queen , goddess , dakini , and sacred whore ?

Kneel at her feet , kiss them , declare your undying love ?

And have her accept you , as the scoundrel you are , and

raise you up , to be her consort and god , until the end of time ?

Look at first post after OP's...I answered first...

Then , top of page two we are now on...I answered again...

And I am 63 !

By the way...

I did not say she would demand you to be faithful ,

or not share with another , did I ?

What if it were a mutual non exclusive relationship ?

Until the end of time ?

Just with mutual Love as the bond ?

Ah , given that...

The non exclusive eternal agreement...

You cannot cuckold , if it is a mutual non exclusive agreement !

As I Say :

Be My Baby , Be A Lady , Be My Whore , Could I Ask For More ?

Do It On The Ground , Do It On The Mound , Do It On The Ropes

I Can Only Hope We Do It Till I Die , And Then , As My Lady Friend

Let Us Do It Till We Hear Death's Orgasmic Sigh !

Together forever Shawn?*lol*

Well Who , *that* is only "shaking dem bones"...

We really are speaking of "other" bodies , such

as light body , astral body , dreaming body...

or any others waiting on the Otherside !


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