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I'm just curious. I'm not asking specifically what your tradition entails, only what you might like. For me, I think of the tavern at the end of the time. Endless stories shared over drink and fire. What's yours?

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May that come to pass for you , Minstrel...

Good to see you are still around , though...been awhile

I hope there's an ocean, or at least the sound of one nearby. I hope wherever I end up it's vast, a never ending realm of possibility. Or, it's another cycle; I move on to the next phase of my soul or life essence, whatever it may be the universe, gods or goddesses think I need to be up to. To share stories over a tavern pint would be ideal though!!

I have heard on more than one occasion that in passing through death, you are no longer you. That thought used to scare me. I don't want to lose my individuality. However, I had an experience when I was really sick in the hospital that made me no longer afraid of such an idea. I "died" and had to be resuscitated. I had what was probably just a dream, but oh man was it a strange dream.

I saw the planet Earth and it was wrapped in what I can only describe as something resembling the "lifestream" from the old Final Fantasy 7 game. It was a distinct greenish color, half transparent, and it moved like a river. I remember feeling scared, but everywhere else was darkness. I don't remember if I willingly approached the river or if I was drawn to it. I saw a vision of someone I loved who had died. She was in a casket and went from newly deceased to totally decomposed in a matter of moments yet as she decomposed, green plants grew around her. Though it was a rather morbid sight, I knew that it was not a bad thing. As I neared the river, I suddenly realized how vast it was. I experienced an apprehension like when I was a kid at the beach and found myself a little too far out, suddenly aware of the ocean's vast size versus my own tiny self. I was drawn into the river, and there was still this fear of the unknown. As I entered it, I fell in backwards. If you've ever fallen into a pool backwards, it felt just like that. Instead of water enveloping me, however, it was a deprivation of sensory perception. Feeling, sight, smell, taste, and sound no longer existed yet I was aware of being plunged into something and being suddenly, forcefully propelled along with a current as if I had been dropped into raging rapids. I suddenly was fine. Everything was neither good nor bad. It just was. I was aware of other people, also part of the river, yet they did not concern me. Nothing concerned me, and nothing concerned them, because we were all one in the form of the river.

It sounds really strange, I know. However, I imagine that may have been some sort of afterlife image. As I was resuscitated, I felt myself plucked from the river and propelled towards a light that grew brighter and brighter until I opened my eyes in the hospital room. It was, in actuality, a really cool experience. I wouldn't mind such an afterlife. 

To visit where I never have been.

72 virgins for the plundering. 

I would be welcomed by the gods to the Elysian fields.


And those who three times keep their oaths, keep their souls clean and pure, 
Who will never allow their hearts to assimilate or die With evil or injustice, And barbaric corruption,
They will be led by Zeus to the end,
To the palace of Kronos, Where calming winds from the sea, Blowing over a blessed island,
Flaming flowers all around Spotlight: Growing from bright trees, Fed by the ocean water;
With a tiara and a bunch of flowers They decorate their hands,
Are governed by the firm councils of Radamantis,
Radamantis, The great judge, The same father, Rhea's husband,
Whose chair is higher than the rest, The father keeps him by his side, His trusted advisor.
Both Plaos and Cadmus are there, And Achilles, his mother brought him there,
After conquering the heart of Zeus, With her prayers.

The next adventure. It's nice to sit, sip wine and discuss philosophy, but I'd rather you give me a backpack and a direction no one has gone before.

well Noah C that sounds really good to me... sharing stories with a drink and a fire -to be reunited in a wooden hall with hearth fire, friends and mead.. ... like valhalla without the fighting !
i hope you are right..
I have been a spiritual seeker for many years and i understand many things now except the afterlife as i have absorbed so many negative new-age views of it..long story but I do not like a lot of things i have heard..!
I do have memories of pre-incarnation tho..passing through what is like an assembley hall with groups of souls and orbs of pastel colours.. choosing a group to be with.. I read a book where someone interviewed many people under hypnosis for their past-life memories and they often described the same thing..
I don't like that memory... I want your version of the fire and the shared stories.. I am a Viking in my soul and heart now and even tho i have only fought mental battles, not physical, I want to end up with old friends and good times and past loves and lovers, until the time is right for ME to decide what I want next.. I don't want to be forced into anything ..... May it be So.. (thanks for letting me rant on this topic!) BB


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