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So you detacated yourself to the Lord & Lady, gods, personal god of So and So, etc. You've read and re-read 50+ books on the subject. And it seems your learned all you can though the available books. What do you do?

I was reading this article on Patheos. I am kinda in this situation right now. I want to continue my education. However finding groups that I can Identify with my path in my area is near impossible. So what did you do? Or what advice can you give?

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I have so many people come to me with this question. I only know the traditions I was raised with, and I am not a Druid. There was a Grandfather that had a type of Druid way about him and I learned what he offered to teach, but I don't know the deep secrets that you seek in that tradition. 

I suggest archaeology of the countries that had Druids. At least you will get an educated guess as to what is what and not someone's flight of fancy.

Hope this helps.

I don't see myself as druid either. Druids are easier to find in this city (Las Vegas). Whereas the majority of witch covens around here hide from the public view (I've heard rumors their the highest in the country, but their not anywhere I can find them). The few resources I have found and looked into; either didn't match my path, or I got a weird cult-ish vibe from them, which caused me to run for the door.

I really meant this as a more general question to apply to any pagan path(Help others while you help yourself O:-) ) But if you wish to speak to my situation, I gravitate to Wicca and Witchcraft.

Put a bumper stick on your auto...they will come out of the wood work. This is from experience by the way.

Scared to because of work. In my personal life I pretty open about my path. However I have seen discrimination first hand against me, I will not risk my employment.

Many,many laws against ALL types of discrimination in the work force. i know. i was an employer and was an employee fired on discrimination...many companies dont want that label. if you are NOT comfortable coming ou tat work,dont,either one chooses how free they are about their way,path,religion,ect or they dont and if you are in fear of losing your job? thats a legitimate concern....

THERE are many groups here on many subjects,feel free to join any of interest. In the groups there are folks that have been doing what we do for a long time.There never is a done learning,growing or progressing. When someone believes they know it all,then they are limited.... the Magical realm includes many areas and so many traditions. if you are looking for Druid Education,there are several groups here on that specifically. I've read many,many books over the years,but have found the most enlightening,is visiting with other people,sitting around my fire and "talking" to the Powrers that Be,I work with. I always encourage folks to look to their "own roots",also.Its a continual dance around the circle.

What do you do?

Start doing what you've read about.

So what did you do?

I'm a lone-wolf.

Or what advice can you give?

Have you tried your local new age store? What about witchvox?

The local shops were my first stop but they didn't know of any. Scant few groups on witchvox. Interesting articles though.

Why don't you form your on group? Check with the local shops & see if they will let you hang up a flyer.

Considering it. However I don't feel ready for that yet. Continuing my self-driven education while trying to find other options, until I feel more prepared.

Just make it a leaderless group. Then you can learn from others what they know & they can learn what you know.


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