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Now, I'm no paranormal investigator or even what you would call a ghost hunter, but if I heard of a haunting while in my youth, I was going to go there.

Once long ago, I was at a party. I believe it was a Halloween celebration. So, ghost stories were being told. A friend of mine told a tale about a little church, with accompanying grave yard, that was out in the middle of no where. Her story went, that they had pulled into the parking lot & had gotten out to walk around. Nothing happened. They got back in the car & the damn thing started spinning like a top. Then quite suddenly, the force started pushing the car toward a small embankment. This would of dropped the car on its side, if the goal had been reached. Fortunately, for them they got the car started & were able to speed on out of there.

Now the skeptic in me was battling with adventurer in me at this point. This was a person that I had always felt to be honest, it was not far from a place where I'd already had a ghostly experience & something with that much energy... the adventurer won out.

So, a night not long afterwards, me & a friend were heading that way. We brought my trusty name brand spirit board & we were ready to make contact.

Upon arrival, we decided not to walk the grounds. It was already dark & I do not like the idea of stepping on someone's grave. It is a matter of respect.

I was driving a mini-van, therefore, we had enough room to sit semi-comfortably & work the board. Contact was instant. Whatever, it was though, wasn't very friendly. A lot like some of the posters on this website, it was downright rude. I replied in kind & eventually dismissed it.

Now this is where things get interesting. If you've ever left a hand print or wrote wash me on a damp car window; you would know that it stays there until the owner of the car finally washes it. At this time, I was working in a commercial construction trade & the weather was fairly dry. I started to notice that as more dust settled on my mini- work van, that it was starting to resemble an imprint of a face. So, I didn't wash it for a few weeks to see if it came through better.

As it turns out, it did indeed come through better. This was a hatchback with a rather large back window. The face took up most of the window. It was a skull like visage & its mouth was open unnaturally wide. There appeared to be claws rising up below the face. Now, all my experiences prior to & afterwards have been with ghost. I do not believe that to be the case this time. Opinions?

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I'm not sure what to think of the imprint but I love this story.  It's as if whatever you made contact with was unwilling to just let you forget him so easily.

Nothing like a first impression.

^no pun intended huh ;) lol (impression.... face imprint lol)

you said you had a feeling of it not being a human entity? What do you think it was?


Yes, I do not believe it was human (living or dead). But, I don't rule it out. As to what it was, I just don't know. Can ghost have faces as large as your average 2 year old child? I suppose they could, but, it isn't something that I've heard of before. Can ghost posses enough energy to move car around as described above? I've heard of poltergeist moving stuff, but, never anything that large.

Spirits can manifest themselves how "they choose".....I believe this was simply one that wanted to scare the heck out of you,pherhaps....there are many spiritual entities that shsapeshift and become who they know will effect us in different ways. I dont believe this was a Fey,though there are many that are not so nice at all,but rather a more meschevious spiritual entity,simply intent on a bit of harrassment......ever see it again?

My friend was convinced that is was following us, so, we did a banishing of sorts.

Well,if he hasnt came back,I'd say your banishing worked!

Yes, indeed.


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