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Greetings! I'd like to share what I presume to be my first ever experience with the supernatural - or the one I remember.

Years ago, when I was a wee child, the first ever ghostly encounter I had (which I still have no explanation for) took place in my room. I was having strong emotions of sadness (and possibly anger). My mother would come in and rub my back before I went to bed, but one night she stayed up late with my stepfather watching tv (and drinking which I wasn’t aware of back then). So I moped about and cried my heart out in my room thinking wild childish thoughts like “my mom loves my dad more than me, she doesn’t love me anymore, if she loved me she would be here” and so on and so forth. Well, my tantrum was cut short but this thing that slowly floated into my room on the wall. It crept in from my doorway and resembled the silhouette of a small person, completely golden like a “holy glow”. It took an incredible amount of time for it to make its way across my wall. During this time I found myself less stressed and anxious about my mother. I ended up rolling over and trying to fall asleep. After a few minutes when I couldn’t, I opened my eyes and the “ghost” was lying down next to me on the wall. The silhouette was actually lying horizontally on the wall across from me. To this day I have no idea what it was, but I was not afraid of it. I actually found it to be quite relaxing and calming. From then on, I really remember all of my supernatural experiences beginning.

Thoughts? And share your stories!!

Blessed be )O(

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I wouldn't know where to start, as I don't have that great of a memory anyways. However, I enjoyed reading this.

There is a problem in tracing back the first moment of recognition, in that it took years for me to realize that what I was catching out the corner of my eye was actually there. The general Incantamenti Ratiocinium that covers the world is hard to shake off. The other thing is realizing that the recurring synchronicities are not normal. Today I just realized that my latest Inter-Library loan book “The Silence of the Archive” that discusses the issue of missing records in archives is missing pages 39 through 70 with no indication that they were ever there. I’m still trying to figure out if it was intentional (i.e. an object lesson by the authors) or an accident, but with my history, it’s looking like another eruption of the recurring acausal meaningfulness, which tends to haunt me. Additionally, things like a reverse Pauli Effect only show up over time. While I knew I was weird very early, it wasn’t until my 20’s that I realized it was more like “enemy action” (once is accident, twice is coincidence, thrice is enemy action) than just random reality.

My granddaughter on the other hand at the age of 4 1/2 has just indicated that she sees dead people. Technically, she saw a bunch of people that no one else could see in a graveyard. The graveyard has in-ground markers instead of upright headstones so there was no indication to her that it was a graveyard. She just couldn't understand why her mother couldn't see the crowd.

The google online version of this book shows that page 41 begins the chapter "Inappropriate Expectations" so it would seem you have yourself a true "Enemy Action".  But why call this an "Enemy" ?

Jungian psychology--the Shadow is the "enemy" whose "antagonism" drives you toward individuation. There are enemies and then there are enemies. Not all are of the same type or nature. Not all are bad for you.

"Today I just realized that my latest Inter-Library loan book

“The Silence of the Archive” that discusses the issue of

missing records in archives is missing pages 39 through 70

with no indication that they were ever there."

It is in the *spaces between* the greatest information is hidden...;)

Or as Neil Peart wrote: "The spaces in between, leave room, for you and I to grow..."

No idea.  Too many spooky ass things have happened to me.  Can't even remember the first.  But one of the earliest I recall was when I was a freshman in college.  Still living at home.  I didn't have classes until 10 am so I was sleeping in.

In the room next to mine, it was carpeted and my mom in her infinite lack of class, put a plastic runner across the room, so the traffic wouldn't wear down the carpet.  When you walked on it, your steps would punch down the plastic and immediately they'd pop back up behind you with a popping noise.  Like popping bubble wrap.  That sort of noise.

I was home alone, in bed, half asleep, facing away from the open doorway that attached to that room.

Then I heard the popping steps...walking across the runner, heading for my doorway where the steps/runner stopped.  I was suddenly wide awake and terrified.  NO ONE was home.  

I was too scared to turn around to see who - or what - was standing in the doorway.  So I just lay there, praying nothing else would happen.

Nothing did.

Never happened again.

Still have no explanation for that. 

"What was your first "encounter" or "experience"?"
A color changing spaceship/thingymabob
hovering over a grove of trees in the middle of a very large corn and cotton field.

My earliest memory of a paranormal encounter was when I moved in with my Grandmother when I was in 5th grade and the activity continued until I left home after high school. Nearly every morning there would be knocking on our front door loud enough to waken everybody in the house. We would look and no one would be there, Strangest part was the knocking was on the wooden inner door which was covered with a locked .screen door. We also had rocks thrown at the house, and the presents of orbs and footsteps

Probably when I was 5 and when I was about to fall into a ditch and I felt somebody picking me up and stopping my fall but I never seen the person.  So, I asked ALL the nearby people, "Who rescued me?"  All the nearby people said that they didn't do it.  I was rescued but nobody saved me.  Or one of the people who were nearby just out right lied.  If they did, then when I was in the 2nd grade and saw objects in the house move by itself.

When I was in 5th or 6th grade my friend was over for the weekend and we heard a mans voice in the hallway say "is anybody there?". I said "yes" thinking it was my father but when he didn't reply and we realized the hallway was empty I also realized that wasn't my fathers voice. Long story short, it turned out a family member was selling a house that had been in our family for over 100 years, and was supposed to stay in our family. My great-great-etc-grandpa had committed suicide in that house during the great depression, my father lived in that house growing up and talked about the hauntings. So the spirit had seemingly come to us for help. Nothing we could do. I constantly had experiences, heard doors open and shut, walking up the stairs when I was home alone. The hanging light above our dinner table swung violently as if an invisible hand smacked it (whole family witnessed that together, we were eating under it!), my bed shook, bed sank as if someone sat on it, my dad's calculator (the old fashioned one that prints out what you type in for personal finances) all of a sudden started printing itself and it was weird shapes like stars and designs when the calculator only had numbers and regular math symbols (I wonder if he still has that evidence lol). In the end, one night I told the ghost that I was sorry, I couldn't help him and he was scaring me. The next morning my parents asked me if I had heard the commotion, apparently their bedroom door whipped open and slammed shut around 2am. We never had experiences after that night, so I think that was his dramatic exit. Have had many experiences in my adulthood, especially when living in apartments with condensed energy. I'll leave those for another time so I don't write a novel here :)


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