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"This phrase is true, both as it is and if you flip the two, terms within"


The Underground World, is a real world. Just certain minds can live inside this type of mental realm. Sounds ridiculous but very true. Considered as Demons/Parasites, to others, who can or will attach to regular human beings. We play inside the times, we conform into the now, we become one with the other. It is how we lived since the beginning of time. But it's all in the imagination, all fantasy, right?


Rhymes & Spells, is how we live, we can see an open door and walk right in.

Some love living quietly with no one around and others loves inhaling the energies others willing to give. But we always know each-other. Once we meet, call it pure instinct.

There's this business owner, lets call him Wayne. Wayne is a very successful man, who is capable of anything, but he felt by his employees argument, he did not understand them for he wasn't one of them, they pertained. So one day while eating breakfast he was going to try it, to be as one with his employees, a connection he felt he had to do, he wanted to do. It was a must.

Wayne concentrated, asking questions how they was doing which they felt odd, they felt he didn't do this before. Wayne has always asked, it's just they didn't understand what was happening at that moment. They felt he was turning a new leaf, they invited his new way of connection, they smiled having a great day at work. Chit-Chats, spreading on how the boss connections was refreshing.

One day Wayne, decided to stop by the bar all the employees go to after work. They was surprised saying, Hey! Nice seeing you here. Here's a drink, my treat. Wayne started to connect with everyone there, he started to understand this connection. They told him all their problems , truthful or not he allowed it to penetrate his psych. Wayne enjoyed this accepted addiction he did not want to dissolve, so he kept his mind on his mission of connection.

Days, weeks, months passed. The employees starts to talk about Wayne. That he is changing, they start to question it. His hair was a bit longer, his face wasn't so perfect anymore. Wayne was becoming one of them and the employees actually felt content. That he was actually one of them. Wayne walks was even different with an actual sway, kind of in a confident way, but hey that's Wayne, they said.

One day an odd thing happened. The employees noticed Wayne, sleeping with his feet up on his desk. They noticed he was sleeping on his job. One employee decided to wake him up asking if he was okay. Wayne wakes up wiping his face off. The employees started to feel he was becoming a mess, that he was losing himself. Chit-Chat changed to concerns.

At the bar Wayne, was falling over on his employees, seems they did not like the person he has become. One employee starts to complain that he's losing it, they wasn't happy. The employees starts to notice that the volume was far less than before. Working hours was less than before and their pay was far less than before. Something had to be done because this is their high paying jobs that was being threatened now. One day Wayne was leaning on the chain-link all messed up in the yard, where all the semi trucks park, smoking. His car that's parked had a nasty dent from the accident he was in the other night. One employee called out to the others saying, we have to do something, he's a mess. The majority said let him fucken die, who gives a shit about that rich guy. Suddenly he wasn't one of them anymore.

One employee decided to encourage everyone that they need to help Wayne and if they didn't get together they all was going to lose their jobs. The shit is going to hit the fan, we are going to lose everything , our homes, our family, everything. Suddenly it hit home, the majority that condemned him truly understood it. So they drew straws who would start this mission on cleaning up their boss. They stopped hanging out with Wayne, making comments on his looks that he was getting too rough. They start to criticize everything trying to turn him back to the person he was before. Days, weeks passed and they start to notice progress. The employees was happy again, the volume went up and the pay, the bonuses was better again.

One day Wayne was walking by all the employees, he seemed to be concentrating. The employees asked him Working hard or hardly working? He responds, Working Hard. They said good, go back to work in a sarcastic way, as if they fixed their boss back to the boss he was before.

Wayne sits back on his leather chair, he decides to makes a phone call. An older man with a deep voice answered, Hello my son. Wayne tells him all that had happened for the past two years. His father laughed out loud, Ha Ha HA!, what an adventure you was in my son. Why don't you come over and tell me some more on how you fixed it all better again.                               


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