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There was this reality show about a  woman named Ruby who had started on a regime to loose weight and get healthy by also starting to workout.......does anyone remember that show? Its been about a year since I have seen it or have they moved it to a station that is not available on the west coast of Canada? Wondering how she is doing, was she successful at the weightloss and workouts? At one point she was on Oprah and after that......haven't heard a thing about her.......have you?

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Yes she has a great spirit, she was facing a lot in her life......thanks for the link CorvusMorgana :o) .....sad to say the show does not air here anymore at least on the stations available :o(
*sigh*.....sad to say I tried the link and it says the shows are not available at this time......Hope Ruby is doing well and staying strong.....all the best to her.


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