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Some of us have just celebrated Halloween and I have received some great greetings! Thanks people! But for me the festival has not yet come!

Most people do not know that due to a calendar reform called the Gregorian reform which came in to operation in England in the 18th Century CE the dates of all the festivals changed from their original days. Some groups of Witches and Pagans still follow the old dates!

As a Traditionalist I celebrate Halloween on one of three dates:

(1). When the Sun is in 15 degrees of Scorpio.

(2) The first full Moon after 1.

(3). November 8th.

Each of these represents a high tide point for a different type of star and earth energy. Each of these dates has a different ritual structure necessary to fully utilize the different energies. This year I am celebrating on November 8th.

So when do you celebrate the festivals and why?

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How about when the Pleiades are overhead?

That as I understand it is good for star energy, the dates I gave are for a combination of earth and star energies. However the procedure you suggest is great for invoking the energy of the Goddess as Alcyone her special star is in the Pleiades

I celebrate most Sabbats but I have integrated them into my TempleUVUP beliefs but mostly online as my city has very few pagans which are hard to find except one other person

Your my main man JP.

The long and short of it is that one should never go more than about six weeks without a wicked party!

Well, the calendar dates are imperfect as you say and a lot of people don't recognize that they are seasonal (for many) and those seasons vary by geography.

For me, Samhain begins when the last harvest of the year is happening and meets frost coming, but that's here.

I tend to think of it as more fluid than a set calendar allows for. Also, I'm a holiday addict, so when the party energy is highest. =P

The Idea that the festivals are seasonal is a falacy of ninteenth century CE anthropology that has not been droped as it should have been by modern Paganism. For example Alexander Thom proved that the eight festivals were marked by stellar markings as early as tthe Neolithic! Other twentieth century CE researchers from several countries concur in this conclusion!

Some Versions of the Celtic festivals also support this conclusion, for example Lugnasad occurs when the sun is in leo and the Welsh Name of the Irish God Lug is Lew which means a lion!

For that reason here in Australia I still celebrate Halloween when the sun is in Scorpio as almost 200 years of colonization have taught us that a child born when the Sun is in Scorpio will have Scorpio whether it is born in the northern or southern hemisphere!The cosmic and earth forces remain constant !

So, you're going by a more astrological perspective, using the stars as a constant. Interesting. I'll look into Alexander Thom. =p

The best simple introduction to Thom's work from the viewpoint that I am discussing is the histogram of sighting dates reproduced by Knight and Lomas in their book Uriels Machine. You should also check out Nigel Pennick's Runic astrology which contains a large amount of information on Northern European traditional star lore summarized and translated from Reuter's Star Lore of the North (In German) This gives early European stare lore and the traditional eight fold divisions of the day and year. I would also point out in regard to the antiquity of the system that the same eight fold division of the year as is currently celebrated by modern Pagans is found in China in the earliest commentaries on the I Ching! The same arrangement is presupposed by many of the Native American Medicine Wheel traditions!

I love people who cite sources. Also, it will take me forever to go through these sources. lol

I personally enjoy the moon energies and the thinning of the veil for me seems more appropriate to recognize around New Moon. Full moon is perhaps better for the brash "Trick or Treat" type stuff, but the real work comes later. Each and every season has unique and standard flux. Things that happen according to dates and ones that require a more sensitive meter. This year everything has been late, why not the Celebrations? I like the fact that people are talking about our time signature and the influence that has on rites and ritual.

Like understanding how site and conditions can influence medicinal herbs, understanding our habitat and community will go a long way toward informing our inner knowledge of what is appropriate when.

My understanding of the reason for the full moon celebration is that at full moon the moon is at 180 degress from the position of the sun and therefore the result is that the reflected Sun lightfrom the moon contains a different energy which if properly utilized can add potency to the rite. Thus for example at Halloween The Scorpio energy will mingle with the Tarus energy from the full moon. I agree however that any kind of lunar energy can be effective, I would sugest that the astrological position of the moon as well as its phase needs to be taken into account.


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