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Some of us have just celebrated Halloween and I have received some great greetings! Thanks people! But for me the festival has not yet come!

Most people do not know that due to a calendar reform called the Gregorian reform which came in to operation in England in the 18th Century CE the dates of all the festivals changed from their original days. Some groups of Witches and Pagans still follow the old dates!

As a Traditionalist I celebrate Halloween on one of three dates:

(1). When the Sun is in 15 degrees of Scorpio.

(2) The first full Moon after 1.

(3). November 8th.

Each of these represents a high tide point for a different type of star and earth energy. Each of these dates has a different ritual structure necessary to fully utilize the different energies. This year I am celebrating on November 8th.

So when do you celebrate the festivals and why?

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Okay how did she keep those horns on her head? I don't see a shot right.

I don't know Kixs,maybe a couple of staples-LOLOL:)

I think she would!:)

I agree there is nothing like a good "Moon Brew"! I must confess that I am rathererenamoured of the red kind!


Yes, red's special...I could never get the roses out of my eyes after seeing one...Lol!

Roses in the eyes! I agree that that can be a problem! However If You Close your eyes when drinking the petals only get on your eyelids! Besides that requires help cleaning up and that can be Fun!!!

awe gawd you 2! LOLOL:)

Of course! yellow moon beer is also nice as is the transparent stuff even frothy can be nice but I still like  the red stuff best of all although I admit a coctail of all the varieties runs a close second!


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