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To hell with everybody else, when it means that much to you, FUCK IT.


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Which is exactly why you are buying the b.s. you've been spouting here in relation to the Civil War, eh?  Ignorance is bliss, as they say!

"Which is exactly why you are buying the b.s. you've been spouting..."

Wow.....   aren't we a little touchy. Did I strike a nerve?

Actually, I saw two admins who run this site both spouting the same opinion so I decided to take the opposite opinion. You know to spice it up a bit and take you both head on.  Just for fun. ;)

Wasn't the Revolutionary War realistically an act of Treason? Just sayin.

Yep. And if the Brits see any American flags flying on their state property, I'm sure they'd demand their government take them down too.

My point was as with your prior reference to the Confederate Soldiers being "traitors" - all revolutionary war soldiers who fought against the Brits were technically traitors... So, I guess there's a good traitor and a bad traitor? Just checking.

OMG!!! I LOVE that video!!! I've been showing that video off to people!!!!  At first, I was against the Confederate Flag.  But once I heard his explanation, he totally had me convinced. 

Instead of censoring it, it would be better to change it's meaning.  Like why not black people wear the Confederate Flag to change the meaning of it.  Kayne West wore that flag.  There is a small number of blacks who have that flag.  Instead of censoring it, we could change it's meaning.

Because when you think on it, how come the Christian Cross isn't deemed offensive enough to remove?  The Inquisition? The Crusades? The Salem Witch Trials? The European Witch Trials?  Yet, the Cross remains a symbol of peace no matter how much blood is shed under the name of Christianity.  And so many people want to keep the 10 Commandments statues up.   How come "God" isn't offensive when so many wars have been done in his name? 

Anything can be offensive.  Your very existence can be offensive to somebody.  I have heard of the phrase, "Your very existence offends me."  Instead of catering to every offense, I think it would be easier to cater to no offense.  I wonder when book banning would begin, again. 


She should have left it alone, it was not hurting anyone, nore was it forcing anybody to be racist. The flag was simply a part of of the States history.

I'm technically a Northerner that relocated to Virginia in 92.  I see the Confederate Flag all the time here because of Virginia's History.   I don't see a whole lot of racial tensions because of it, does anybody when it's not in the Media?

I've seen a neckbeard, white man with a huge Confederate flag t-shirt.  WITH a black grandchild that CLEARLY loves her  grandpa dearly. 


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