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To hell with everybody else, when it means that much to you, FUCK IT.


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"I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves." - Harriet Tubman

awesome quote  :)

Pretty sure they knew they were slaves. 

Pretty sure they knew they were slaves.

Harriet Tubman who was actually there didn't think so.

Ditto   Those Who see that flag as racist, well that is their hang-up. I see it

as defiance against oppression from the north. { }

The end of the civil war was along time ago and there is a small matter

of "States Rights". Besides rights are trampled on by those who can

buy their way out of it.

most probibly do not think of racial tenions when its not in the media. Consider this: many people probibly joined the confedorite army for the sole purpose of protecting their family and dissaproved of slavery

The 'Ole Stars and Xanax Bars!


VA Beach Confederate Flag Run Scheduled for July

Chris Jones is organizing another flag run for July 3. He told participants not to honk horns or yell out the window,  “If you  are trying to intimidate by honking horns then you need to leave that line because you are not there for the same reasons we are.  We are not there to intimidate.  We are not there to poke.  We are there to exercise our right We should not yell out the windows, and we don’t encourage that at all.”

So any flag supporters going to climb the pole and put a new one up?

Pretty sure they are standing by with baited breath to see what the ruling on this issue will be.  Since it was removed, if a government official puts it back up - there's your answer.


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