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When the Student is Ready the Master Arrives. Am I reading too much into this?

Recently I've been feeling as if the faith aspect of my lifestyle as a witch has become distant to me. I love and revere my gods, but I feel as if I'm floating further and further away from them, if that makes any sense. It's difficult to put into words, but it's like a religious apathy that's fallen over me, and, as an obvious result, it's causing my spell-crafting to suffer. I can't help myself, and I can't help others.

Well, a few days ago, my former teacher and friend began teaching Wicca at a local apothecary. I took the first two series of classes, and she is teaching the third level this spring. I congratulated her for getting back to teaching, and she invited me to continue my education in Wicca with her. I don't feel the class is a necessity, but I was wondering what everyone thought of the situation. Did the situation present itself to me because I'm meant to change paths? I didn't consider myself Wiccan for a long time; I worship the Celtic pantheon, but the sudden distance and difficulty in connecting with my gods has made me wonder if I need this change. How would you interpret this?

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Hmm....maybe you got stagnant? I was going through something that sounds similar right before I found this site actually. ^_^ I feel more invigorated because I have like minded people to share with. Maybe all you need is someone that you can sit down with and talk with about your faith.

Hope that helps!
I would agree with you Marquita. Sometimes things can seem redundant or becomes to routine. I would say attend the class and not worry just yet about changing paths. If nothing else you will learn something new and maybe find a few things to incorporate into the path you are currently on. Only you know what will be right for you in the end and I wish you many blessings in your search,
Blessed Be,
Thanks for the advice. I suppose my restlessness has me a little on edge in this situation, and I'm likely jumping to conclusions.
That's definitely something to explore. There isn't much of a 'Pagan community' here, so it may be my inability to connect with others face to face..... Thanks for the response. <3
Not a problem. If you ever want someone to chit chat about send me a message. ^__^ I love discussions! It's the main thing I was missing in my faith. Actually talking about it. LOL! :P
Absolutely! I'm stealing you for my friends' list. XP
@_@ *is stolen* lol!
I believe it is good to study many different paths, and in doing so you will find or create something that calls to your soul constantly..... I've studied so many over the years and taken what I love and incorporated it into my life and path, friends call my faith, "tracyism" my first name is Tracy.... because who I am and what I know and what I love is all mine, no one else's..

It is what is right for me, keeps me close to my Goddess, and I never veer nor waver even in times of stress or sadness.

Blessings of the Day ~!
It is what is right for me, keeps me close to my Goddess, and I never veer nor waver even in times of stress or sadness.

That's something special, and I applaud you for that. I hope I don't appear wishy-washy about my beliefs here, but it's given me reason for serious concern. I just didn't know quite what to do about it. I may take MistyDawn's advice and take the class and see what I gain from it. The teacher is a great person, and, if all else fails, I know she'll at least be able to talk to me a bit. She's a sweet woman.

Thanks for responding. =]
Thank you Friend and remember that every class you take and all you learn either in a class or on your own, you take to soul and live are a part of who you are... who you want to be and will be forever....

There is nothing gained from not learning but an entire soul gained from learning all you can. Learn, grow, evolve and love....

Blessings of the Day ~!~!
Now that is excellent advice Sin... well done ~!
Separating you, from your needs - and transferring them on to a 'need' to help others - can be very dissatisfying.

I never thought of that.
It's entirely possible that my 'cure' could just be a few deep breaths and the ability to stop over-analyzing the problem. Like I said in a post before, it may just be restlessness that's making me feel this way. A year and a day of focusing on me. I'll post again next January and let you know if I had the discipline to do that. LOL But it's great advice. Thank you. =]


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