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Just wondering how many of the other witches here are big into geek life. SciFi and fantasy, RPGs (video game or tabletop), Renaissance festivals. Anyone?

Personally, I'm obsessed with Doctor Who, Star Trek, Supernatural (overlooking portrayal of witch as bad guys), Supergirl, the Flash, Dirk Gently, Orphan Black, Marvel movies series and comics. I'm also a stand up comedy groupie. And I know all the words to most Monty Python sketches.

If any of this lines up with your interests, we should be friends

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Hey there! Huge DC Comics/TVU buff (I actually have a Marvel and DC Comic book collection). I loveeeee comedy, literally can't remember a sleepover growing up with my best friend where we didn't secretly stay up all night watching stand up. The Holy Grail was my holy grail of early young adulthood lol. Message me if you wanna talk!!

Awesome! You seem like my type of person! Very good taste. And for DC, I prefer the current CW tvu to the current mu (with the exception of Wonder Woman)

Oh, absolutely. Big Star Trek fan in regards to TOS, TNG, DS9, and VOY. Renaissance festivals? Don't get me started! I used to go at least once a year. I was a big ol' WoW nerd back in the day but I don't play many MMOs anymore. I play Hardcore League each season on Path of Exile still.

Are you liking Discovery? It's very different formula wise, but I'm really enjoying it. Especially all the latest twists. Samets is my favorite character.

Haha, actually I am still in a state of nerd rage over Discovery. I never realized how much of a Star Trek fan boy I was until I got so sensitive over the changes to the canon. I felt the same about Enterprise when it first came out but I eventually came around. It's just too soon for me.
*looks off wistfully*
*single tear rolls down cheek*


I heard they did a Mirror Universe episode. I might now be able to stay away much longer.

They just finished a huge mirror universe arc. The only change to canon is Klingon appearance, which I still do not like, but they can get away with a lot because Discovery is a black ops ship and anything that happens to them is classified. Section 31 (as seen in DS9) are probably the only ones with access to the files. The war is canon and it's responsible for the establishment of the Neutral Zone. Tensions between the Federation and the Klingon Empire don't ease until the Kittimer Accords are signed in The Undiscovered Country. 

Really? I actually never heard about it being a Section 31 ship. Things like the spore drive and the holographic technology were really bothering me for a pre-TOS timeline. The idea of a black ops ship opens up possibilities. Prototype advanced technology, unknown missions, etc. My interest is piqued.

They don't mention Section 31 but they are a black ops ship with classified records, so I assume Section 31 would have access in the future. And the Michael being Spock's foster sister doesn't bother me either because Spock is a very private person. Especially when it comes to his family. Kirk is upset with Spock in Star Trek 5 because he never mentioned Sybok. There is even an episode that sheds light on why Sarek wanted Spock to go to the Vulcan science academy instead of joining Starfleet so badly.


They Canceled The Series ?



They Are Making Another Series After Enterprise ?


You never have anything nice to say about anything or anyone.

What are you talking about , Kitty ?

I am joking about the series...after Enterprise , I never watched it...

Let alone you don't know me...I have helped many a person here ,

and have been loved and thanked by many over many years...

So you are either joking...or extremely misinformed...

However , I still wish you the best !

Sorry. Too used to territorial guys lashing out at female nerds. I jumped to the wrong conclusion.


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