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Just wondering how many of the other witches here are big into geek life. SciFi and fantasy, RPGs (video game or tabletop), Renaissance festivals. Anyone?

Personally, I'm obsessed with Doctor Who, Star Trek, Supernatural (overlooking portrayal of witch as bad guys), Supergirl, the Flash, Dirk Gently, Orphan Black, Marvel movies series and comics. I'm also a stand up comedy groupie. And I know all the words to most Monty Python sketches.

If any of this lines up with your interests, we should be friends

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Oh huge nerd here. Was once a senior editor at the Mass Effect Wiki, and I spend more time than is probably advisable thinking about Star Wars. lol

To my knowledge, thinking about your favorite fandoms constantly is not hazardous to your health. I always wonder what people who aren't obsessive about fiction think about when they're not thinking about a task.

Very true, I meant more that I probably have more important stuff to be doing but instead I'm looking up the technical specs of a ship or something. lol

But yeah I totally get what you mean, the thought processes of others are baffling. All others really, after all even people who seem to be much like ourselves could think in completely different ways from us, since the minds of others are closed doors. Neat stuff to think about! =)

All nerd all the time. 

Plus Elder Scrolls Online for xbox1...lore is life

I love Elder Scrolls! But my computer can't handle ESO.


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