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It's been awhile since I've been on this site, but in my absence I've been doing a lot of study on Pagan paths and Witchcraft. I am at the point where I want to take a next step, but I'm not sure how to continue, so consider this post a request for some general advice. Keep in mind I have not yet attached myself to a particular tradition, but I want to learn more about them beyond what books can teach me.

I've been interested in everything under the umbrella of Paganism for a little less than a decade now, and have committed to finding a path beneath is that is right for me for the past two or three years. Currently, I've looked up some local covens and community groups (I live in the DC Metro area), but the only ones that attract me are too far to commute to. I desperately want a sense of community, friendship, and mentoring (IRL preferred) with other Pagan folk, especially since my Esbat-buddy is more often in Ohio for school now than she is near me.

So rather than asking ya'll whether I should power through and find a coven or remain a solitary for now, I want to ask you what questions I shoul ask myself to help me determine how I should proceed. If you have any personal experiences that adds to the topic, I welcome that, too.

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Uhg, I feel you. All of the covens that "advertise" (which could be a bad thing, mind you) in my area are basically a bunch of uneducated weirdos that want to wear top hats and capes and it's  pretty much just  "LARPing". Oh gods they go around touting "merry meet and merry part and merry meet again!" Puke. I've basically given up at the moment. I think being involved in the local community will help, talk to folks at your local metaphysical store, get involved with group solstice events (even here in podunklandia, we have a summer solstice fest) and hopefully, a group of like minders will find you. Good luck friend. 

You don't like top hats?  :)

As a Steampunker, I am taken aback that comment my good sir! haha!

I'm a lady. ;)
Do you wear that attire performing sacred rituals, if so sir, you are a buffoon. (Glove slap) ;)

My apologies, my good lady! I assumed (and yes that made an ass out of myself) because of the "Bob" in your user name.

And no.. I only wear that stuff to Renaissance faires and Halloween parties! :)

Yes, that's what I found with a lot of the groups on Witchvox that I can actually go to. The ones that are far seem better (or match my path better) than the ones that are close. There was literally one post that gave me the shivers it was so creepy. Ah well... something will arise.


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