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I am new to the esoteric arena, I feel drawn to druidism, but how can I be sure to follow the right path(s). Is it possible to follow more than one path? I have a fair amount of botanical knowledge. Please let me draw on your experience, where should I start?


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Follow what you think is right for you, if that means many paths then so be it.

Love and light
Thanx samurai.

Ps: Why not Samurai with a capital S?
Did not used the "shift" key lol

Why the question, I am curious :)
I notice small deviations from the norm and always wonder Why, is it just per chance or is it meant to be that way? If it is on purpuse then why? That is who I am. I am distracted when i see a out-of line floor tile.
I am curious 2 :)
"Detail oriented", it is a good personal trait to have, as long as it is not too excessive and loose sight of the big picture. I am on the other side; I focus on the big picture and have a hard time with details.
I can only speak for myself hmmm I think getting locked into one path is limiting, take for instance if a person is Catholic and that is all they learn and never go outside of that religion to learn what other paths are teaching, you would only have a one sided point of view, there is much to be learned from many paths.
many of the pagan paths are BS especially the ones deep into Crowley distorted teachings. just my opinion based on learning from outside the box. life is a path of unending learning, if you feel drawn to Druidism then learn about that, and it will start you on a path of knowledge, just remember all the info out there on Druids is not pure Druid knowledge pagans have distorted much of it from it's true teachings as they have every path.
I am afraid of polution. I feel that it dilutes the true Knowledge. To me all is about knowledge. thanks for your advice.

Don't be afraid, just know it's there !
I don't see why you couldn't combine paths to create your own. Finding your path is actually an ongoing ebbs and flows and is often unpredictable. That's the beauty of it. Try what you feel drawn to, and if it works, awesome! If it doesn't work, then it's your guide/Diety/the universe/whathaveyou telling you that it was not the right way, and to try something new.:)
Thanx Siiri
I agree with Siiri. I've been following my path for 5 years now and I'm constantly changing things to make it my own. Right now I'm working with Dragons.


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