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The Donald Trump Presidential campaign brought out some suppressed racial and nationalist activists emboldened by a media climate filled with different targeted scapegoats. One rural community became an example for demanding a ban on certain undesirables, even by show of force before the inauguration of Donald Trump. Locations all across the USA faced with residents wanting bans on groups of people through any legal means.


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I say to Richard Spencer & Co.:  "Bring it." 

This way, we'll know who you are and we can find out where you live.

Richard Spencer is an unserious clown who shouldn't have gotten the media attention he did. His Victory rally was so over the top ridiculous that I thought it was satire at first. 

It was Richard Spencer who created the alt-right.  Some people in the alt-right don't care to admit that.

By the way...  Does anyone else here see the irony in a neo-Nazi having his base of operations in a town called Whitefish?


For those who aren't familiar with Jewish cuisine, whitefish is a staple in Jewish households.  Our gefilte fish is typically stuffed whitefish, there's whitefish salad, and so on.  Whitefish is probably more prevalent in Jewish kitchens than lox, even.

I am perfectly aware of who Richard Spencer is and what he started, but his movement will eventually implode just like every other WP movement. And even now they don't have the critical mass to accomplish anything of note. 

I agree with you, Rose.  Complacency is a foolish indulgence.  

I am right. The attendance at that rally was 275 people, not even a blimp on the radar.The only country that has consistently undermined democracies, in developing nations I might add, is the U.S. Washington has perfected the conquer and divide strategy.

The U.S. itself was never meant to be a democracy, but a constitutional republic with restraints on popular sovereignty, and even then we've only been a plutocracy in practice. You cannot call the U.S. democratic as long as private donors are allowed skew elections at any level of government. The threat to democracy you harp on is internal not external.
I am one of the few people. The greatest scourge on U.S. elections here is domestic monied interest. Funny how the same people who allege the Russian hacking of DNC skewed the election in Trump's favor, which even if Russian hackers were involved, none have proven that it turned the rust belt and Swing states red, are fine with Goldman Sachs,
Citigroup, JP Morgan chase etc influencing elections, or the DNC sabotaging the Sander's campaign.

The next time Richard Spencer tosses a cup in the trash collect it, swab it, and send the culture off to one of the ancestry DNA labs.  Nothing pops the bubble of these racial blowhards more than finding out you're not what you once thought. 

You mean like the story of white supremacist Craig Cobb, who voluntarily agreed to a DNA test and was surprised when it was revealed on a television talk show that he was "14% sub-Saharan African"?  lol


It didn't change his perspective, though.  He spent a lot of money to have multiple DNA tests done until he finally found one that (according to him) didn't say he had any African blood in him.  What was more interesting, though, was how quickly his friends and followers turned on him after that talk show appearance.   

These are hateful people, and they'll easily turn on their friends and even their own family because they believe that loyalty to their "race" is everything. 

and unfortunately the misfits VOTE... as we saw in November

I think the people of Whitefish should arm themselves and block the march from entering town. Throw up some barricades and put some folk on the rooftops. Intimidation goes both ways.


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