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The Donald Trump Presidential campaign brought out some suppressed racial and nationalist activists emboldened by a media climate filled with different targeted scapegoats. One rural community became an example for demanding a ban on certain undesirables, even by show of force before the inauguration of Donald Trump. Locations all across the USA faced with residents wanting bans on groups of people through any legal means.


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If You Don't Agree With Me And Mine

You're Dead Meat When I Get In

If We Do Not Stand Up For Our Rights

We Will All End Up In Cattle Cars

You get your news from a comedy skit? 

Well, CNN has been talking shit about Trump since the day that he decided to run for president, is it really a shocker that he doesn't want to answer them?   It'll be like if I went around calling SIN a "slut, whore, stupid, idiot."  Then expect her to want to help me out.  The last things CNN has been was honest or neutral.  Like giving Hillary Clinton questions before the debates.

Why did CNN give Hillary questions before debates even started? 

Turner Braodcasting the parent company of CNN donates $25k to the Clinton Foundation.  And usually donors get favors in return.

Even The Young Turks acknowledges that there's nothing innocuous about Bill Clinton getting thousands or millions of dollars for 7-25 min speeches. 

After Wikileaks threatened CNN with a lawsuit for publishing a fake news story, CNN later retracted their statement and admitted they had no evidence.

The last thing CNN is an honest, truthful, unbiased, network.  They publish amazing articles like How Math is Racist.

Is it any wonder why people don't trust them and constantly accuse them of race baiting?  Even Blaire White has made youtube videos of CNN LYING to people. 

Wow! Look Blaire White catching CNN lying to people.

And yet,  Trump is a psychopath dictator for not wanting to answer questions from a company that constantly lies?  Ok, Mr. Degree in clinical psychology, what psychopathic traits does Trump display?  When the actual medical term is  Anti-Social Personality Disorder. 

It's one thing to criticize Trump. but it's another thing to be after him.  All I see from you is fear mongering.  When there are valid criticisms against Trump.  But by fear mongering, you compel people to take his side.   Even if I don't like somebody, I'll still try to represent them fairly.  I could dislike somebody, and not go, "Well, you're a psychopath."  Because I don't have a degree in psychology, it's not my place to make such an accusation.  And if he did have a mental illness, then why is it ok to marginalize those people to make a point?  People who have mental illnesses need help. Not for their mental disorders to be used as an insult. 

"Pagans, Wiccans, Satanists, occultists will be on the receiving end down the line as many LGBT and feminists already have been."

This is just fear mongering rhetoric.  Sure, you could find examples to meet your narrative.  But so can the KKK,  don't you think white nationalist are incapable of finding examples of meeting their narrative.   In the end, there are an increasing number of pro-LBGT Rep.

And the number is growing.  This reminds me of back in 2008, how the Far Right was saying that Obama is the Anti-Christ and voting for him will spell the END OF THE WORLD.  and how weeks after Obama's election the Far Right insists that we placed Satan into the white house.  Now, you're pretty much doing the same thing with Hitler.  "OMG! Just you wait and see! They're going to go after everybody! The blacks! The Wiccans! etc." 

Problem is the media is heavily to the left.  That's why you're able to pull so many articles to fit your narrative.   If we TRULY lived in a time that will copy Nazi Germany.  Then how were you able to find so many articles that fit your narrative?  How come so many big shot highly influential celebrities think the same thing?  If this TRULY mirrored Nazi Germany, I HIGHLY DOUBT you could find so many articles to fix your narrative babe.   Because control the press, control the masses.   A true dictator has the press under their thumb, where the press does nothing but glorify them.  Not insult them every chance it gets. 

Out of Trump and Hillary,  the press adored Hillary, as well as many celebs.   While Trump gets a lot of hate.   Hillary having the adoration of the press actually fits a dictator better.  Because it's hard to be a success dictator if the press insults your intelligence, character, actions, every chance it gets.  I would fear Trump the 2nd most celebrities glorify and praise his existence.  The moment CNN, NBC, etc start praises Trump instead of bashing him, is the moment I would truly believe that he's Hitler.   

If not, this this is just reminiscent of "OMG! How could Americans put Satan [Obama] into the white house!!!!  The WORLD is going to END!!!  Just you wait and see!!!" 

When really the difference between Trump and Hitler is that Hitler was very popular and beloved in Germany.  Trump is hated.  You don't have power if the people are constantly against you.

Skip down to Propagana.  People are more propagandized against Trump.  See your Jimmy Kimmel Live clip against him.  Than people are propagandized for him.

"Propaganda, this is the art of persuasion and will guarantee that your side of the story is right, and Hitler was well aware of the fine values of it. He employed a man called Joseph Goebbels as head of propaganda and this man took it extremely seriously and ensured that there was not a single thing in Germany that nobody could read or see anything that was hostile or damaging to the Nazi Party."

So tell me, how many negative things have you seen against Hillary outside of FoxNews, Breitbart, and well known Rep outlets?  Where are all the top celebrities in favor of Trump?  Where's the singers, dancers, actors, who are drooling over Trump?   Well, there is your difference between Trump and Hitler.  Everything around Hitler at the time was positive, everything around Trump is negative.   The reason why Trump has such a strong fan base, it's because people are tired of the media and celebrities trying to propagandize them against the president.  Drop the propaganda and people would stop defending Trump.   Same was true with Justin Beiber.  The non-stop complaints inspired people do defend the guy.   Every action has an equal but opposite reaction. 

If you keep up this End of the World narrative, I wouldn't be shocked if Trump has 2 terms instead of just one.  Reminds me of the Far Right's End of the World narrative when it comes to Obama.  The fear mongering was so intense, it gave Obama a 2nd term because SHOCK, the world didn't end.   If you keep this up, and 4 years later, the world doesn't end.  Then you would've successfully have given Trump a 2nd term.   Because you are suggesting that America is going to start building gas chambers and death camps within 4-8 yrs.  Every though people can't stop bringing Nazi Germany up as an insult.   If we were really that type of country, than what would lead you to think that calling Trump "Hitler" would be an effective insult to begin with?  If we REALLY WERE that type of country, you would actually avoid calling Trump Hitler to avoid him being even more popular.   Progressives use "Hitler" the same way the Far Right use "Satan" to inspire fear in people.  When really the people who say such things come across as ridiculous. 

If Americans already leaned in favor of gas chambers, you would avoid using such simplistic insults for an argument.  You're no better than the far right you despise.  

Here's a fun one for you.  Who voted for Trump AND loved Obama?  Lots of people.

Dear President-Elect Trump, 


I really want to see you succeed, because I want to see this country heal.  As a U.S. citizen, I'm only asking three things of you right now.  If you do all three of these things, you will have my respect and confidence:


1.  Release your tax returns.  Stop with the bullshit about auditors and just give the records to a news agency that you like.  Give them to Fox News.  But give the American people full disclosure regarding how much money you donate to charity, how much you pay in taxes (if you pay anything at all), and where your money is coming from. 


2.  Don't burden American taxpayers with the exorbitant expense of your grandiose plans to "build the wall."  Mexico is not going to pay for that.  Not now, not later, not ever.  Just stop with the wall already.


3.  Stop telling us what a swell guy Vladimir Putin is.  He's a dictator and former KGB thug, and he is not America's friend.  It would be great if you really could rein him in by making nice with him (as you believe), but Putin is most likely playing you.


Oh, wait.  Almost forgot this one last thing...  Try not to get your feelings hurt or get all offended over these requests. (I know I said the word "bullshit" in there.)  Just keep in mind that the public has the right to ask questions of you, express our expectations, and express any disapproval that we may have. 


Sometimes people are going to be rude, or speak to you or about you with a "tone" that you may not like.  You're just going to have to get used to that, because your job is not like anyone else's.  And because one of the greatest things about America is our freedom to criticize and even mock our leaders with impunity.  People can't do that in Russia.  Celebrate our freedom – don't be discouraged or angered by it.


Thanks, and good luck.


Very truly yours,


Release the tax returns and divest. Without the tax returns there is no transparency about conflicts of interest, and he could be siphoning taxpayer dollars without being accountable for it.

I'm not kidding myself that Trump is going to do any of those things I suggested. 

My message to Trump is this:

No one cares about your Big Russian Pee Pee Party.

Quit selling us out over it.

Still crying over Trumps victory? Explains the flooding here in the UK, that huge surge in water must be finding its way here. ;) 

No, that's the crying over Brexit.

Yeah, he's just using extremists to divide and conquer.

They're just as fucked as the rest of us.

If that punch wasn't actually staged by Richard Spencer & Co, it's still very wrong.


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