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I am a simple man, who lives in the island of Puerto Rico. I am unemployed, but I have used my time on Earth to study the world's and spirit's subjects. I don't need recognition anymore, nor I need to be attacked. My hopes for these threads that I intend to share with you is to expand ourselves to the far reaches of the subconscious, and marvel at all the mysteries we may find there. I hope to shed some light to the darkness of ignorance and bigotry. I do not pretend to know more that I do. However, I may come across as if I am trying to force something down your throat, but my intention is to provoke your minds, challenge your beliefs to the point where we may see truth, at least a glimpse of it, by shattering the walls of falsehoods. Mind you, I am a wizard and I work with magicks just like the rest of you. I am as curious as many of you, I'm sure. I am a child at best when I want to be playful, and I never intend to cause harm deliberately, and I won't insult anyone here. I am here to respect, and be respected. To hear out your opinions, and see how we can sharpen those to have a better picture of what Spirit and Life truly are. We, collectively are wisdom, knowledge, healing and enlightenment. Individually, we are what we worked for. If you ask questions, and are not afraid of knowing something that may challenge your beliefs, then you aren't ignorant. You are if you think that no one can change your mind. Light was cast right there. 

I am a star child. I come from the Galactic Federation of Light, from the Council of Eight precisely. My origins, or rather where I have spent my recent most centuries, is Andromeda. How do I know this? It happens that we all know our past. Stop listening to people, and start listening to your own subconscious. Get yourself a past life regression, find out who you really are. I grew up all my life unaware of all this information, but I was always conscious of my subconscious. I have lived my life with a spiritual drive to follow Light that it has enabled me with all sorts of powers to know and recognize the light. Where I am of most help, and that's how I was drawn back to PaganSpace. If you notice, this is all I have been about. The only difference is that back then, I was naive, and still beginning to walk. Now I have little more than a decade of experience. I used to call myself witch without truly believing that I did have magick. I never doubted my magickal workings, though. I saw, with the continuance of time that all my magick worked, except those that my heart wasn't in them, which have been few, by the way. It was this that made me what I am today. I am Wiccan, with no magickal label. I am Spirit, and that's why I can do what I do. I am loving wizard. I rather be known as, and not self-proclaimed. 

Now, most of you here have star origins. And to those of you who are in the know, raise your voices with me. Let's grow together in love. Love is the way, and the answer. I don't know if it was my upbringing, now that I mention love, but I am not a very affectionate person, I don't like to hug, or smile, unless it comes from my heart, which I do a lot anyway. This is what I mean. In the heart resides love, but love is something more than physical love, and emotional love. It's what links our bodies and spirit. Tell me that making love doesn't feel good? 

To those of you, who I intend to be my main audience, are those who are beginning to walk their calling. Those of you who know you are a starchild, starseed, lightworker, but have no idea where to start, etc. To you I say, fear not. Wait patiently for your teacher, who will come when you are ready. Meditate. I stress this point very. It's the only way for connecting yourself to Source, and to your Higher Self. Grounding. Learn everything you can. Meditate in nature, observe her. Know and find our why she is likened to a goddess. See how she Is Mother Gaia. Connect yourself to divinity. I'm going to go out and say this, and many of you will be cursing me silently, or openly, but try not to worship images, statues and the like. We are far more powerful than that. Find your God/dess, or both, inside of your heart, not out. 

Now, I'm going to answer unasked questions now with more thoroughness. How do I trust so much in my God? I have lived all my life knowing that this is not my first, nor last incarnation. And I mean always, for the first time I questioned my death I was only 6 years old. I mean always I have known that I am spirit, and nothing else. My body can be likened to clothing, our bodies, as I should say. Also, I know that I am a Star Child, because first I became enlightened (An enlightenment moment such as Buddha's, and all of the bodhis of old. This is not a lie. I experienced true Nirvana, and beyond) in 2010. By 2013, I began to dream with Star people, and my mission with them. In a way, they were activating me to my work here, on the planet. When I grew tired of dreaming, I demanded them to appear to me physically while awake, to confirm that those were not dreams, and lo and behold. A UFO in the sky. Not once, but many times. While I have been alone, or with my friends. I know that I have to reach out to you, and this is the way for the time being. 2012 happened, and we did open ourselves to consciousness, and awareness. It was a boom for humanity, as had never been. We are finally burning away the kharmic remnants of old Atlantis. I hope that we all find our way back to the stars, welcome the few earthlings who will establish New Gaia and welcome them as star people too, of the Galactic Federation of Light. Blessings!

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Nor you need to be attacked about what?

You know how people are, arguing about the most little things and usually, too ofensively.

Ah’well yes I truly understand those thoughts, especially the offensive part.


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