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Recently my couch decided to break on me. I'm broke so I attempted to find something for what little I have and the next day found a listing for a chair that I've always wanted for half price. I'm sure someone was listening and sent it my way. But I'm not sure which god/goddess it was so my question is:
If you don't know who sent the good things your way, how do you thank them? Offerings, prayer, or other?
Thank you for any thoughts.

Blessed be.

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That's a good question. I've often wondered who has given me favor in life.

Exactly. I'm just not sure how to show appreciation.

I don't automatically assume divine intervention in most cases.

Ancestors and land spirits are closer and take a more active interest in daily goings on.

It's more of just a feeling I have that someone (diety or otherwise) sent it my way. I mostly am just looking for how to thank them without knowing who they are.

"So, it seems in my life to follow that the more grateful I am the more of my needs are met without angst of uphill struggles."

I can relate to this.

It is said the "Voice of the Winds" is the voice of Faery...

We call it Voex Woinds , in my Tradition...;)

R. Hewitt , you can do a general gratitude blessing...

( some deities , or Faery , do not like to be "thanked" ,

yet appreciate a co - working oath , for the betterment

of yourself , and the world around you )...;)

On the other hand , if one chose the path of chaos magic ,

I would choose two "Deities" , to give gratitude to , in your


1. The Great One of Armchair Travelers

( the one who watches out for all during their journeys )

2. The Great Vulture God , The Spud Buzzard

( he who replaces , and recycles , old furniture , so one

may attain , or continue to keep the title of couch potato )

Just a thought , for the cosmic data bank !

Lady Luck.

Where exactly did your gods intervene in this transaction? Thank the guy that listed the chair for half price. Are 'the gods' also responsible for your couch breaking?

If you feel somebody sent the chair your way, why dont you simply try a general thanks prayer and trust the being will hear it


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