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I'm def moving out there.

I'm gonna open a dispencery.

I am unfamiliar with the state. Why areas are nice but cheap?

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The whole state is awesome. I live in Northern Colorado and its amazing. What else are you looking for in your new town? What size city do you want to live in? Are you looking for a large amount (well by midwestern standards) of other Pagans? Breckenridge and Denver both allow adults over 21 to have up to an ounce of weed without a medical license.
I'd like to live in the smallest town possible, but I'd have to be near enough people to sell.

Currently I live in a crowded town 20 minutes from Mickey Mouse"s anus. So anywhere in Colorado is better.

How many people live in your tru-county area?

In Loveland we have about 52,000 peeps and 8 dispensaries. Fort Collins is like 15 minutes away and is way bigger, but still way smaller than Denver, which is way smaller than Mickey's anus. CSU is in FoCo. The Fort Collins/Loveland area has been in the top 10 places in America to live for several years in a row. Link. Exactly how small though? LOL most people from huge cities say a small city and go to Denver.
Lol, I meant Tri county.

I want to live in a small city, a town really.

I'll look into Loveland. You can never have to many dispenceries.
Fort Collins is good too. Its a big college town. Greeley is ok, also a college town, but has a distinct aroma. As my hubby says when we drive past the stockyards, "Smells like money!"
LOL. Luckily the doctors don't require you to have ball cancer to get mmj.

You lie, women love sacks, especially when they are big enough to sit on.
Colorado Springs is where the amazing Garden of the Gods is. I believe the city south of the springs, Pueblo, is cheap to live but I am not 100% positive on that.
Compared to Central Florida, everywhere in Colorado is cheap.
Just say no to Boulder.

Always say no to Boulder.
Who is that?
No one lives in Orlando.

Do a search for Lake Mary, Heathrow, or Altamonet Springs. Everyone works in Orlando and lives in the suburbs.


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