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I'm def moving out there.

I'm gonna open a dispencery.

I am unfamiliar with the state. Why areas are nice but cheap?

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true... I am going to be moving to Central Florida soon... yay!!! being more poor is going to be fun...
There are nice places to live but it is not cheap here at all.
I live in Pueblo. It is not cheap to live here. Property in areas close to Walsenberg and Teller county are advertised cheap. Because it is not close to better jobs, or larger cities. The area i live in is simi desert. Called high plateau. Everything has to be irrigated. You have to buy water rights for farms and livestock. licensing for a dispenser is very high. As is a growing permit. In order to even be a sales clerk you have to have some type of license.

I'm gonna move TOO! Somewhere in between Denver and Fort Collins. Gonna be looking/applying for jobs this fall. Actually looking for heathens in the area to connect with. Maybe hang out when I come and visit later this year.

Currently live on an island and I'm resorting to the internets for human interaction...


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