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Now days with industrial agriculture meant to protect the interests of agro-chemical companies such as Monsanto and Syngenta. Who control over 50% of our seed supply. We are faced with many issues. Such as the loss of organic heirloom seed that have been around for thousands of generations…

The manipulation of seed biology in order to cash in on farmers by delivering single use seeds…

Food is a basic human necessity and being able to provide for yourself is a right. That is why I such a big issue with the patenting of seeds. If you want to collect or give seeds away you should be able to…

I don’t agree with and worry about the complete monopolization of seeds. By companies that have a poor track record. By companies that are in it for the bottom line, we are just numbers to them.

On the other hand I don’t feel like GMO seeds are a bad thing completely. They have positives if done right specially by people who are not in it just for the money.

Thank you for reading and sorry about the rant. The reason I wrote this post was in order to offer free columbine seeds. Which I have way to many of.

Columbines or Aquilegias are gorgeous bright colored flowers. They bloom from mid spring through early summer. I always love seeing the columbines come up after winter. These delicate flowers serve as a reminder that yes life continues even through though times.

These seeds are cross-pollinating with related plants to create a hybrid double pedal Aquilegia.

If you are interested in receiving some free seeds please message me. I will gladly send you some in the mail. If you live in the US in a cooler climate zone since columbines grow naturally in the North.

Any thoughts?

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Genetic engineering is an interesting field, but I am also wary of possible unforeseen implications.

Molecular biologists have crossed genes from a pig with a tomato plant, if you leave the tomato attached to the vine it will not rotten.

Another unusual feat of genetic engineering is when molecular biologists crossed spider genes with a goat embryo. They were looking for ways to produce higher quantities of spider webbing. Their desire was to harvest spider webbing for its high qualities of strength when it is spun together, and also for making strings for the violin. The spiders webbing is in a liquid form before it is spun into a web by the spider. The goats milk is taken in a liquid form of course, then dispersed from an apparatus in a very fine thread where it is spun onto a spool, then spun again into the desired diameter fiber.

Science has opened many doors and not all of these doors lead to a favorable conclusion. Splitting the atom for the purpose of a hydrogen bomb is not what one would consider a positive direction to travel. Manipulating genetics without fully realizing the effects on other life forms is similar to playing Russian Roulette.

Pigs rot.  What in the world is in a pig gene that would keep tomatoes from rotting?

I’ve seen a YouTube video on the spider goats. The silk in their milk is used for many purposes such as for making artificial ligaments and tendons for humans. I personally don’t agree with using living things for experimentation but without it we would also be further behind in some fields.. It’s hard to say, not everything is black and white and even then we all have different ideas of what is acceptable.

We as humans mess around with all sorts of inventions they being technological or biological. In many ways we have improved our life’s by creating trinkets to help us get ahead. The modification of foods, animals and eventually ourselves could be a beneficial thing for the betterment of humanity. I guess you can’t have an action without a reaction. Like you said It’s just a frightening idea because one can only speculate and hope for the best.

Being someone who is for the thriving and well being of others. I find the issue with the monopolizing of seed rights, restrictions of seed distribution and seed saving. A personal right a right that should be of the people.

It is certainly true that not all genetic modification of seed is harmful or sinister. But patent technologies really do not interfere with the individual effort or right to produce your own seed, as long as you don’t infringe on any one’s patent. This is where the unlimited resources of agro business can become a nightmare of a legal dilemma. I agree that the technology in general is suspect at it’s minimum, when poisonous chemical elements are used in the manipulation of plant genes that becomes the norm in food production.

Now that we are on the subject, my thoughts are straying. First off, you have the "player", then you have the playee". You never see the player offer themselves to be the guinea pig, the monkey in space, or "sacrifice".. It's always the "playee". The technocrats simply recruit such specimens for their own manipulation and hopefully the advancement of their reputation, as well as their careers, at someone else’s expense, either in money, or in headcount, engaged in mass manipulation for nothing but their own gain.

As the "player" well knows, and as PT Barnum, amongst others have said, "There's a sucker born every minute" Human evolution took billions of years to refine itself into it's current state, which is far from a flawless process, physically, consciously, and psychologically. Nothing is, or ever will be perfect in the realm of matter.

We grow more soybeans, artificially, than we can eat, to feed China, forgetting that soybeans could feed Americans just as well. We typically do this with many other agro products sold globally.

In China, they under produce soybeans in order to keep this trade scam going with America. We habitually over produce agro products simply for personal or corporate gain, to feed foreigners, and to benefit only a few domestic producers. Then they engage in trading the overproduction to foreigners in a reciprocal dance of mass importation of products that we ourselves could produce, but have become addicted to buying everything cheap that way. And you certainly get what you pay for, but at who’s expense?

We have sold out our agricultural industry, for example, this way, and at the same time, we import agricultural products that we ourselves could produce here.

Other than corporate gain, this seems to be a completely illogical way of running an economic system, by prostituting out to a global economy.

Laughably so, I think unleashing the process of the creation of micro nuclear fusion may be the biggest irreversable mistake humans will ever make, and for all too obvious reasons that require no explanation here. It's not good for energy, or anything else, but certainly a good tool for destruction, the ultimate, in fact. This exemplifies man's epitome of ignorance in terms of un-forseeable consequences, in lieu of short term "benefits". Once they got past the destructive aspects of it, they decided that transforming it into a use for energy production would have been enough to redeem themselves of such folly, only to create another long term dilemma. But dilemma is an unmistakable aspect of human nature.

Speaking of nuclear fusion, hydrogen for example, is the stuff behind all of the known elements, and would be the billions of years, aeons old approach to harnessing clean energy in unlimited quantities on this planet. This in fact, is do-able.

Another good example is the manned mission to Mars, which needs willing sacrifices to accomplish. It's like the bridge to nowhere, or the bridge to Hell, but it makes good headlines. It sure as hell is not Utopia.

What the unsuspecting optimists or fools who have unlimited optimism in man's so called artificial intelligence, don't seem to understand is that if they found life on Mars, for example, that in itself is meaningless. It should come as no surprise that life could exist there anyway, as the universal elemental astro biological process of the evolution of matter and energy exists everywhere in the "known universe".

Thank you for that. When you take a step back and take a look at the bigger picture we understand to whatever capacity we are able that consciousness or whatever you want to call it will continue to do it’s thing and the universe will keep expanding. With or without us.

We’ve made a real mess of things and yes sadly we live in an world that is driven by greed at all cost.

But, how does one change things if not on a personal level by caring about issues that effect us a whole and not just as an individual.

We have manipulated seeds genetically in order to get higher and bigger yields from the crops as well.  Why does the US use tons of fertilizer?  Because not all the land in the US is fertile enough or watered enough for the growing of crops.  So it's all artificially fertilized to make it produce food crops and water is pumped out of aquifers to water them.  Our aquifers are being pumped dry at a faster rate than they can be replenished.

Part of the whole issue of genetic manipulation of crops/seeds/etc is the overproduction needed to satisfy corporate profitability, and the egos of the scientific community who re-engineer plant genetics, artificially.

This of course, depletes valuable and less than sustainable resources for Agribusiness to expand it's operations globally, and assuming that these resources will be sustainable for the long haul. Water is a good case in point, as well as reconditioning of soil naturally, or even organically. The only way they can sustain this is with genetic manipulation. I suspect that if they focused on feeding the domestic population first, then mass manipulation of crop technology and mass use of chemicals would not be as necessary.

Common sense does not seem to factor into this.

I'm not suggesting that organic agro methodology is the total answer, it has it's own set of challenges.

Magena, I appreciate your ability to see the bigger picture. That's really the key to understanding the totality of the issue.

However, GREED, I don't know how to get around to changing basic human nature, which is heavily loaded down with duality. But awareness and dialogue are important and the exchange of ideas wherever that is applicable.

"But, how does one change things if not on a personal level by caring about issues that effect us a whole and not just as an individual."

Plant flowers all over the place!

oh yes, I love my mini forest!  However, the person I bought my home from thought that planting ivy on the trees down the property line was a good idea. So now I'm having to cut and remove both. It's everywhere, In need of a goat team to come help me take care of it. If they even eat ivy. That stuff is horrible! worst plant ever.

If you can't get to the forest, then let the forest come to you!

Maybe time to get rid of the ivy. Banana poka is something I am familiar with, it produces a beautiful flower, it's an invasive species ecosystem holocaust when it gets out of control.

Some things just aren't worth the effort.

I would love some! Please send them to 140 E State Street Wellsville NY 14895 Elisabeth Cartwright

got u covered girl!

Would love seeds! Please Pm for address. 


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