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Now days with industrial agriculture meant to protect the interests of agro-chemical companies such as Monsanto and Syngenta. Who control over 50% of our seed supply. We are faced with many issues. Such as the loss of organic heirloom seed that have been around for thousands of generations…

The manipulation of seed biology in order to cash in on farmers by delivering single use seeds…

Food is a basic human necessity and being able to provide for yourself is a right. That is why I such a big issue with the patenting of seeds. If you want to collect or give seeds away you should be able to…

I don’t agree with and worry about the complete monopolization of seeds. By companies that have a poor track record. By companies that are in it for the bottom line, we are just numbers to them.

On the other hand I don’t feel like GMO seeds are a bad thing completely. They have positives if done right specially by people who are not in it just for the money.

Thank you for reading and sorry about the rant. The reason I wrote this post was in order to offer free columbine seeds. Which I have way to many of.

Columbines or Aquilegias are gorgeous bright colored flowers. They bloom from mid spring through early summer. I always love seeing the columbines come up after winter. These delicate flowers serve as a reminder that yes life continues even through though times.

These seeds are cross-pollinating with related plants to create a hybrid double pedal Aquilegia.

If you are interested in receiving some free seeds please message me. I will gladly send you some in the mail. If you live in the US in a cooler climate zone since columbines grow naturally in the North.

Any thoughts?

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wise words Magena.

Almost time to plant by bluebonnet seeds. My yard doesn't have bluebonnets in the Spring. October and November are the months to plant bluebonnets.

that sounds nice. do you like lavender?

Yes, I like lavender.

Looks very nice.

i agree, they are lovely. :) they have very nice energies to them.


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