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I sincerely love animals of all kinds (especially cats). I have taken in and fixed dozens of cats in the last eight years. I have doctored sick and injured animals and found them good homes. Occasionally when my money is extremely tight I have had to take some to the pound (about 6 in eight years). I suffer terribly over these animals and badger the workers at the shelter until I know they have been adopted. I literally cry for days because I feel I have let these creatures down. In all those years only one cat was put to sleep, because she became sick while in the facility.
Today was one of those really bad times (sniff) (blow my nose). I had to send two beautiful cats to the pound because I did not have the funds to fix them to help them get a deserving home (squawl like an lunatic). ( I'm OK now) These two cats are from a litter of four donated to me when they were kittens, and I adopted Them out. I had them returned to me when they went into heat. Since the winter bills are high I had no extra money to give them what they neededI had to take them to the shelter. I try to spay at least two strays or abandoned cats each year to give them a better chance at life. I am constantly finding litters of kittens or abandoned animals in my yard, because people know I will try to help them. I don't understand why folks don't care enough to take care of their pets better.
When people abandon these animals on me I feel so bad when there is one I can't help and have to take to the shelter. According to the Christian Bible animals were created before man kind and I believe they deserve better treatment. Does anyone else feel this way or am I just a crazy old cat lady who should seek therapy?

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It would. I had a kitten dropped off in my yard three weeks ago. She is beautiful but at the time she was starved and could barely hold herself up. My grandaughter found her outside and brought her in. She tried to eat but kept getting choked and spitting her food back into the bowl. I picked her up to see if she had gotten a piece of catfood hung in her throat. I found a piece of knitting thread around her throat so tight I don't think the food cood get down her throat. I am surprised she could breathe. I think a child may have done this and the parents did not realize so when she stared losing weight they thought she was sick. So I ended up with her. I took her to the pound yesterday and before I left a lady had applied to adopt her. She even liked the name we gave her(Nanapus). Was Happy ending there!

I can understand the pain of having to give up precious animals. I would suggest that the next time someone places a cat or other animal in your care that you ask for a donation to help you with the costs of getting them placed. In the case of the 4 kittens, you should have gotten some sort of help with the costs and then again when you took them back after having placed them. People need to understand that you aren't made of money and that doing what you are doing costs.

As for being a sucker for every animal that comes along, well...until you find yourself with less living space than the animals you keep, or are not caring for any of the ones you keep, properly, because there are too many, then you don't need therapy yet.

Brightest Blessings
I was talking to my dog and she said that some people dont understand that life is life no matter what body they have.. They think just because Im a dog that I dont have feelings and thoughts too.. How stupid some humans are... She then licked my nose...
pit bull Pictures, Images and Photos
I Dont Know Why People Do Half The Things They Do
They Are Cold And Heartless
When People Mistreat Animals
Makes Me Think How They Treat There Children And There Elders
** this is why i dont like people **

And No Gaia
You Are Not Crazy
And You Dont Need Therapy
However I Do beleive That The People Who Abuses Animals
Do Need Therapy.
There are so many thoughtless uncaring people around it's terrible. Many people just don't think before getting animals and when an animal become less cute or the novelty wears off these a**holes just toss them away like garbage and it is so infuriating it makes me want to scream.
It is so very sad how people are just plain mean, ignorant, and cruel, Yesterday, they confiscated over 100 dogs that were in a home here, Poms, Pappillions, etc, Because of the hard times, instead of paying the 25.00 to adopt a dog, they have raised it to 150.00. It to me is so unfair, I would love to adopt one and can't afford it. I lost my beloved dog of 15 years not long ago. I am ready now for a new one, I can't have cats because I am allergic, I do have an outside cat I take care of and feed. She is spayed so no worries there.

I constantly pray for the poor animals that are being dumped because of the economy,

Such a shame.

I think $150 would be ok if it included shots and spay. For every animal I have had spayed and vacinated it cost over $300 and I have done this for a while. I can't stand to think an animal or human may die hungry or cold. I feed a few neighborhood bums as well. I am getting a little strapped for cash this winter. That is why I am hoping the shelter can place these cats.
Check out my photos. There not great but I think you will get the idea what these poor animals went through before I got them.
I will certainly check them out, I just shudder to think these poor dogs were caged the whole time with no exercise, hardly any food or water. Just shakes head, Blessings Gaia
I went and looked. Ahhh they are so adorable kitties, Kudo's for your caring and loving of animals. :)
I have better photos on Picasa. I just could not figure out how to get them to Paganspace. My account there is Gaia Windwalker and the albums are public. I gotta go for now. Bless all you guys.
I will check them out tomorrow, I have written down. I wonder if you can copy and paste from there. Have a blessed night and blessings to all the kittypoos.
I am sad for you. You never forget them. They imprint on your soul.


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