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I sincerely love animals of all kinds (especially cats). I have taken in and fixed dozens of cats in the last eight years. I have doctored sick and injured animals and found them good homes. Occasionally when my money is extremely tight I have had to take some to the pound (about 6 in eight years). I suffer terribly over these animals and badger the workers at the shelter until I know they have been adopted. I literally cry for days because I feel I have let these creatures down. In all those years only one cat was put to sleep, because she became sick while in the facility.
Today was one of those really bad times (sniff) (blow my nose). I had to send two beautiful cats to the pound because I did not have the funds to fix them to help them get a deserving home (squawl like an lunatic). ( I'm OK now) These two cats are from a litter of four donated to me when they were kittens, and I adopted Them out. I had them returned to me when they went into heat. Since the winter bills are high I had no extra money to give them what they neededI had to take them to the shelter. I try to spay at least two strays or abandoned cats each year to give them a better chance at life. I am constantly finding litters of kittens or abandoned animals in my yard, because people know I will try to help them. I don't understand why folks don't care enough to take care of their pets better.
When people abandon these animals on me I feel so bad when there is one I can't help and have to take to the shelter. According to the Christian Bible animals were created before man kind and I believe they deserve better treatment. Does anyone else feel this way or am I just a crazy old cat lady who should seek therapy?

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You were his angel. I got to call it a night girls and gents. Bless you all through this night and forever. Talk tomorrow.


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