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 now, i've met  lots of folks. arrogant and otherwise. the ones that get me are the  ones who are arrogant for  no reason whatsoever. UNEARNED Arrogance? that irritates me.   alot of the earned and unearned arrogant  ones I’ve met were also Pagan.

 i have friend, former military, arrogant as all get out, and yet? he has the skills,knowledge & strength of will to back that up. mind, he's also kind and friendly.  eh, he's also 6'5"  & built  like a brick shite house but the mind? my god that man is smart!

 but then ya get the gits..who appear to think their shit doesn't stink and that their word is the highest of the  high..and  your a dick if you  don't follow what they say/think.  and the heavens  forbid you  *GASP* offer an opposing opinion.

y'all ever met anyone  like that? if so, did you  ignore them? laugh at them hysterically? beat the snot  out of them intellectually? kick their booty? what? enquiring minds want to know! 


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Its human nature. They are on a power trip, because for whatever reasons they have developed the need to feel superior and validated. Its usually born of deep seeded self esteem issues.

There are some people who are plain pig ignorant, met a few myself...

y'all ever met anyone  like that?


if so, did you  ignore them?

Of course not, too entertaining to leave be.

laugh at them hysterically?

Yes, but more, maniacal.

beat the snot  out of them intellectually?


kick their booty?

Though, they likely have one coming, no, I'd never violate their freedom of speech.

Yes indeed You Tube and others are still growing as I think is blogging and vlogging.  The thing about it is that a minor success appears to seduce some people into thinking they are important and that they, being in their own eyes famous, are qualified to judge others

Its absolutely no good bloggers and vloggers of the internet droning on 24/7 about the importance of freedom of speech if they are then caught operating a cartel or gang and deciding who is or is not allowed to speak, that such decisions are almost always disguised as preventing trolls is easily disproven such is the fragility of the bubble of arrogance.

As for the relative height of people involved I've no idea what you're talking about I think a quick check would show that most very ambitious people are average to small in height, and, whilst they may need a ladder to look into other peoples eyes, their lack of stature doesn't prevent them being among the most arrogant, pompous fools to be found anywhere, in some cases it may even be the cause of it.   You may have met or have heard of one or two tall people who are also arrogant Obama springs to mind...Then of course there's the kind of arrogance that is nothing more than a thin disguise of how insecure and fragile is their confidence.

I see it here big time!

Either one can "fash" (Stress) themselves out over others or be a better person yourself and set the example.......We are only accountable for ourselves and people will decide on their own our good qualities or not. I just be me.......Have a Great DAY!

thank you everyone for your reply. you've def given me some food  for thought.  i usually  just laugh it off.  at the very least while  momentarily irritated?  the laughter  releases the good happy chemicals  :D

I would like to be arrogant any suggestions?

:D hmm, eh, the way i see it, you can go about it  like the  idjits i was talking about and that’s a "fake it till ya make it or  till you've got  most  buying the koolaid your selling" type thing.  but the better path would be to educate yourself, grow as a human and eventually the EARNED arrogance thing will happen.  :D


I don' believe there is any such thing as EARNED arrogance, arrogance, swagger are a clear sign that the lessons of education, hard work and experience have not worked, likely because the learner was/is too full of shit to see, hear or feel.

What does 'social order' mean?   That everyone knew their place and stayed obediently in it?   Surely that's a kind of inborn, totally unearned arrogance and possibly one of the reasons we see so much street arrogance now.


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