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Why is it so hard to find a man who accepts u for what u are & what u believe?

I have found myself very alone and a lot to do with it is that I am Pagan and people don't understand what it is. They just think i'm weird.

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Perhaps if your focus were to be more on "WHO is Melissa Fetzner?" (as opposed to "WHAT is Melissa Fetzner?") so too would the focus of others! What you are and what you believe does not necessarily give a complete and accurate representation of WHO you really are.


That's why.

Don't despair Melissa.  Sadly, it's hard to find ANY partner who accepts you for what you are.

Statistically, I've heard it takes up to 26 dates of different people before you find someone you want to develop a relationship with and then the relationship might not pan out.

Dating sucks.  Not just for pagans.

firstly...stop looking if you are, the universe when it is the right time, will send someone your way.

secondly, always ask if they think your weird, dont assume that just because you are pagan thats why they dont understand you.

last....just be yourself, dont give a shit about others spiritual ways or yours. simply put...just be yourself and those who need to be in your life and truely do accept you will stick around.

 the only reason i say these things is because for the longest time i thought i had to be with someone of my same practice. not true. i thought i had to be around people who believed the same as i and that is simply what the world thinks is truth.

when i stopped looking, just was myself and moved on with life, my future husband who had been a childhood friend suddenly came around agian. not only him but his friends and my good male friends suddenly had an interest in me. shrugs.

sometimes pushing too hard for something can hinder what you want. the universe is funny about teaching patience.

so hold fast in your ways, be yourself, just focus on other things in life and when its the furthest from your mind youll begin to notice change.

ive told this to many women and men in my has worked for all of them.

blessed journey upon your path, i hope and pray all goes well for you and you meet your special one someday, everyone deserves that.

I completely agree with you cye. I am 100% comfortable in my own skin for the first time in a long time. Unfortunately the journey lead into a messy divorce due to closed mindedness and more or less being made something I was not. Point being, now that I am true to myself and expect my other half to except me for who I am, life is better. More on the subject it is harder I think but I more or less find that with extra effort to help him understand me happiness is greater. However we will always meet people who are closed minded, stay true to yourself. Like Cye said it will happen when you least expect it.  Remember you are SO worth being loved just the way you are.

stay true to yourself. Like Cye said it will happen when you least expect it.  Remember you are SO worth being loved just the way you are.

While the OP will likely meet someone, statistically very very likely, I just want to pass on an FYI, it won't always "happen when you least expect it".  Sometimes you have to work to make it happen.  Sometimes it doesn't happen at all.  This is why it is important to be happy with yourself and by yourself, develop your single life in a fulfilling one, because Mr./Ms. Right may never come.

Several people at my place of employment are waay older than me and still single.  They're in their 50's and never married, and never met "the one".  Not from a lack of trying.  My aunt is still single.  She was engaged, broke off the engagement and she never has dated again.

My best friend is obese.  She didn't have a date for 7 years.  Then one of her male friends got divorced and she knew he liked her and - AFAIC - pushed really hard to make their friendship into a relationship.  IMO, she did everything you always hear not to - she turned their outings into 'dates', she would get upset if he treated her like a 'casual' date, she had endless 'heart to heart' talks with him.  Left a thriving and lucrative career to move down to the same city with him - though she said she wasn't doing that, she was moving for a better career (which she wasn't) - and basically pushed him every step of the way into making her his GF and their relationship serious and now they're talking marriage, though I'm fairly sure she's going to have to push him to that next step as well, because left to himself, he wouldn't have done anything. 

yeah just be patient its just as hard for guys to find a woman who accepts him, im young so i prolly shouldnt have an opinion on this but ive gone thru alot of relationships cause the woman didnt like who i was and it sucks, im still looking for that perfect someone 

just have to keep ur chin up what not

You might look for a pagan group in your area, like through CUUP or something similar.  Most pagans are pretty much underground to keep from being ostracized and that sort of thing.  Also, paganism seems to attract more women than men, tho' the men are out there.  If you are a college student you might want to start a Pagan Student Alliance club at your college, if you live in a town that's large enough for it.


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