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[Wiccan] Ethical Spell/Chant/etc to help my brother who was violently attacked?

My brother (small guy, like 5'2", very slender, wouldn't hurt a fly and definitely not a fighter) was brutally attacked over the weekend along with my dad (elder- he's 70 and has medical conditions) in their own home in NYC by my stepbrother who also resided there too (he slept there at nights so the court viewed it as him living there).

My stepbrother beat my brother with a stick so now he has stitches all down his forehead, and had a swollen face, but both my brother and dad were arrested and sent to jail because they were holding weapons, even if in self-defense. My stepbrother had called the cops on them when they left him alone, thinking he'd just leave them alone, and made it seem like they attacked HIM (he took that very same stick and cut up his hand with it). He also went to jail, but it sounded like the courts were pitying him which sounded weird, and was in a wheelchair for some reason, complaining about his leg and limping (wtf?! what an actor!!!).

The only witness is my stepmother but we're unsure if she'll testify against her son or not (the very fact that he was allowed to live there all this time since I left 2 years ago still leads me to believe that NO- I'm not convinced enough that she'll go against her son, as she convinced my dad to let this monster still reside in their home). I know they need help, thankfully my older sister is letting them stay there for now since they're both not allowed to stay in their own home, but I know that's not enough as she also already has a lot on her plate being a single mom and with 3 young kids in a tiny rooftop that was made into a small home for them.

I believe in the threefold law, and do not want anything to come back to my family so I am really needing help with this in mind (especially since I have a young daughter now), and so was wondering if anyone has come across anything such as a spell, chant, etc (besides waiting it out), that will allow me to help things go in their favor in their court case without hurting others. My brother is such a sweet soul, and it already hurt me to leave him in that home a couple of years ago, especially since my late mother told me to watch after him and my sister after she dies, and just 2 years in our dad's care alone and THIS. I'm completely devastated, guys, and truly heartbroken. My younger brother is such a good person, he hasn't even really started his life yet! He's shy, humble, sweet, and honest, and loves to play video games and read manga, he's just a good kid. I just hate that I'm an ocean away from my buddy, this really sucks.




Help? :(

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You rock , Melissa ! done !

Owen , I have been here many years...

Sad to say , or maybe good , depending on the way

one looks at it , this is nothing , compared to this site

at it's busiest point , years ago...

We all had to learn how to scrap , parry , and stand strong ,

in the face of walls of trolls and shitstirrers...imagine you

making a post , and by the time you were done with the

post and clicked , twenty people answered your last post ,

on your posterior , giving you a hard time , or making fun...

Or what they considered fun...

So those of us who stayed , or finally left because of it ,

then came back , like me...have had to , sadly enough ,

toughen our sensitive nature , and flame sometimes to survive...

Hopefully that will change again , but I have seen the shit stirred

way more than once , and admittedly stirred some myself , over time...

Yet I came here , already toughened by experience at another site ,

pagan oriented , where that behavior was the norm , and mods stuck

up for the old friends of theirs and the owners...though they perpetrated it...

On the other hand...we are not just serious here...we love pulling the leg ,

making weird jokes , being strange , ( very strange sometimes ) , playing ,

and lighting each other's butt on fire , now and then...

The ideal of a pagan site is a wonderful thing...but unless there is a strict

enforcement of rules , which I have rarely seen on any pagan site , unless

it is so dry as a desert , there will always be this situation...

Yet , there are those of us , who will stick up for others , and what we and

they believe in and try to ask , learn , share , and express...

I can tell , as you can , Melissa is a strong lady , and good soul...

I am sure she , and you , shall do fine...;) !

Yeah , I think we agree on that last sentence , fully...

I am on another site , where that is the way...

A more respectful , gentle approach...;)

Different sites , different folk , different modes

of a law enforcement person , I am

sure you saw...just by going to different neighborhoods

things could be totally different...yet , sometimes , you

get the most shit from those you least expect it from...;)

protective energy... that is a very good suggestion, thank you!

You could try Sigil Magic.

very interesting, thanks for the suggestion!


I find this absolutely deplorable what was done to your brother and to your family! I am afraid that while I agree with many posts here about strengthening your wall of protection around you, your brother and family, that the perpetrators also need a good hard smack of Karma up side their empty skulls.

The three times blow-back of Wiccan magic can be structured properly by realizing that what you send out, instead of being "retribution" could instead be cast as "Learning an important Lesson" - in other words, a spell that the perpetrators get "schooled".  We all need "schooling" as there are an infinite number of things we do not know.  That being said, if you decide to send out something, send out a firm, but loving magic that these a-holes receive some tough learning about their actions.

Then be prepared to receive some tough schooling back.  Because you will be expecting it, then you will be able to traverse that bridge when you get to it. 

Yup, that is one of the tough things about magick, every action has its reactions, but the "magicakal martial artist" (if you will permit) knows how to direct and re-direct forces just as any martial artist knows.

Of course, your first priority is healing - your brother, yourself, your family.  I am sending energy and good vibes your way and I hope this incident becomes something that draws you all together even more.

Candle Spell & Correspondences

Day: Thursday
Hour: 1st/8th hour after sunrise; 3rd/10th hour after sunset
Planet: Jupiter
Moon Phase: waxing to bring something to you; waning to send something away
Color: purple (power), brown (justice), green (for money issues)
Herbs: for the energy of Jupiter– cinnamon, nutmeg, sage; for legal affairs– marigolds; for justice– bay; to fight false accusations and testimony– slippery elm
Oil: Commanding Oil, or court case oils
Powders: Drawing Powder– to draw something to you; Banishing Powder, to send something away
Incense: sandalwood; for more aggressive magic– patchouli
Stone: tiger eye
Number: 8
Letters: H, Q, Z
Symbols: The rune ‘thurisa’– neutralizes your enemies and protects; Earth– protects the person whose name you write within; Odin’s Cross

The court case candle spell is as follows:

1. Get yourself the appropriately colored candle for your situation. Hold this candle in your hands and charge it with your intentions– and this is one of those times you might want to be extremely specific.

2. Carve upon this candle those symbols, names, amounts, or dates that may be pertinent to your case. Dress this candle with the oil you feel will do you the most good– and it may not be just those listed here, and then roll the candle in a combination of the crushed herbs.

3. You can write out your desires for the type of outcome you’re looking for on a piece of paper and burn it in the flame of this candle. Allow this candle to burn itself out and then bury the remains of this spell off your property to send something away; bury it on your property to bring something to you.

I hope all goes well. May the Goddess bless you and your family during this difficult time. 

Jason :

Where did you cull those correspondences from ?

( if they are someone else's work , we are supposed to give credit )

I also question the use of the rune "Thurisaz / Dhoarnn" , or as you

posted , "Thurisa" for this situation...coming from someone who has

worked with runes every day for over 23 years , and taught them...

Thanks for the answer in advance...;)

My apologies I meant no degree of offense to anyone, and my apologies for not giving credit, this was originally from - Magickal connections from author Amythyst Raine (full credit given certainly) 

Thanks , no problem...we all learn to give credit ,

and / or link to a website where info came from ,

when we start posting these things...;)

I still disagree regarding Thurisaz...and all my sources

give orange as the color of candle , for justice...

But there are many systems , many ways...

And , honestly...if that came from Amythyst , I shall

just have to have a talk with her...she is an online

friend , and I invited her to another website I belong

to , where she posts her videos on Tarot , and shares with us...;)

A good soul , and wise woman...I shall ask her why Thurisaz...

Best to you !


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