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[Wiccan] Ethical Spell/Chant/etc to help my brother who was violently attacked?

My brother (small guy, like 5'2", very slender, wouldn't hurt a fly and definitely not a fighter) was brutally attacked over the weekend along with my dad (elder- he's 70 and has medical conditions) in their own home in NYC by my stepbrother who also resided there too (he slept there at nights so the court viewed it as him living there).

My stepbrother beat my brother with a stick so now he has stitches all down his forehead, and had a swollen face, but both my brother and dad were arrested and sent to jail because they were holding weapons, even if in self-defense. My stepbrother had called the cops on them when they left him alone, thinking he'd just leave them alone, and made it seem like they attacked HIM (he took that very same stick and cut up his hand with it). He also went to jail, but it sounded like the courts were pitying him which sounded weird, and was in a wheelchair for some reason, complaining about his leg and limping (wtf?! what an actor!!!).

The only witness is my stepmother but we're unsure if she'll testify against her son or not (the very fact that he was allowed to live there all this time since I left 2 years ago still leads me to believe that NO- I'm not convinced enough that she'll go against her son, as she convinced my dad to let this monster still reside in their home). I know they need help, thankfully my older sister is letting them stay there for now since they're both not allowed to stay in their own home, but I know that's not enough as she also already has a lot on her plate being a single mom and with 3 young kids in a tiny rooftop that was made into a small home for them.

I believe in the threefold law, and do not want anything to come back to my family so I am really needing help with this in mind (especially since I have a young daughter now), and so was wondering if anyone has come across anything such as a spell, chant, etc (besides waiting it out), that will allow me to help things go in their favor in their court case without hurting others. My brother is such a sweet soul, and it already hurt me to leave him in that home a couple of years ago, especially since my late mother told me to watch after him and my sister after she dies, and just 2 years in our dad's care alone and THIS. I'm completely devastated, guys, and truly heartbroken. My younger brother is such a good person, he hasn't even really started his life yet! He's shy, humble, sweet, and honest, and loves to play video games and read manga, he's just a good kid. I just hate that I'm an ocean away from my buddy, this really sucks.




Help? :(

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thank you for your response, I am not all that familiar with things to do on court and how things like this are handled.

"Consider doing a work that is actually appropriate for the situation and don't go to extremes."

"You can't bullshit a bullshiter :D"

"She would not dare to "shit" Starr's favorite turd.

I would use this bind rune

Related image

Inside of a larger version of this :

For Home , Tribe , Family , Home Situation , Hearth


With This On Back Of Parchment Paper

Viking Symbols | Peace - Viking Symbol | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

For Peace Inside Of This Again

Then Place On Altar With Two White Candles

Dressed With Rose Oil


You May Also Carve One Of The Bind Runes Into Each Candle


Use One Orange Candle Between Them


You Could Create A Trine With The Candles With The

Parchment Paper With Runes Between Them


I Would Then Place The Justice Tarot Card

In Front Of The Orange Candle

With The Temperance And Strength Cards

In Front Or Sides Of The White Candles


The Chant :

May This Home Be Ruled By Justice And Peace

Lies And Violence By The Goddess Be Ceased

By Truth And Wisdom May Judgement Be Rendered

May Desire For Healing Of Homespace Be Then Heard

Protection Of Family All Deception Revealed

At The Crossroads Of Power

This Spell Is Now Sealed !


Good Fortune To You And Yours


I second that.

Not sure if *that* was her idea , Mistoffelees...;)

thank you for this suggestion, friend! i really appreciate it! :D

You are welcome , Melissa...

My pleasure to assist...:)

While I admit there have been times that try me, so far I've managed without actually throwing said brick....
But really if you believe in the law x three, do not let another take your beliefs away. You can cast for protection, justice and peace for your family without wishing ill. Its difficult I know, but maybe your mean brother needs positive energy not negative. As far as the court case, NYC has some pretty hanky laws. So that will be what it is. The courts will punish, your job is to be positive and do the best you can.

Yes, it's not simply just "believing in it", like something I can just turn off (as apparently the above commenters see it is such), their opinions do not affect my personal beliefs as their high egos like to think ;)

 You have some good ideas, sending positive energy to my stepbrother, I would have to calm myself a lot and humble myself, since I never really could be one to "love my enemy", especially when they've directly hurt one of my own like this. But it is a very wise way to go about things. Thanks for your insight and positive words, kind sir!

You are most welcome.
Or ...

1. find a guy.

2. Make sure he is a friend of yours

3. Ask for a favor, with money as your voice

4. Wallow in consequences.

5. If in need of further guidance contact your local spook.

6. End Op-Ed.

1. Why are you on a Pagan social website to begin with?

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3. Obviously you are a troll, having further looked into your profile, no surprise there. Your snarky, rude personality can move on to another post, stop commenting on mine when you obviously have nothing to contribute to the post, or even this website. Goodbye.


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