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I'd like to know if there are some Wiccans here who live with Fibro and if you'd be interested in a book that details how to adapt Wiccan rituals, raise energy and other stuff when one is dealing with Fibro.  Too, it's my opinion that Wiccans with Fibro sometimes have enhanced intuitive abilities, and I'd discuss this, too.  Interest?  P.S. I'm a third degree who runs a coven and have moderate Fibro so I have knowledge of the subject matter.

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Crystal, I don't have fibro but I would be interested in getting together with wiccans, witches, pagans, and other "magically inclined" folks who are living with chronic illnesses to discuss all the things you would like to know and maybe more? :)
Yes, absolutely.  Other chronic conditions seem to have the same effect.  I'm a published writer and am just considering either writing a book on the subject or putting together an anthology written by Wiccans with these conditions.  I think it would be useful for folks to read about the special talents, abilities and modifications that chronically challenged magical folk have and use in their practices.  Thank you for your response.  I'd like to know the "maybe more" part!  What else would you include?

Well, for me it's tough sometimes having an illness. I'm no priest of the Craft of anything but anytime someone came to me looking for counsel after being diagnosed or telling me they have some health issues I would always try to comfort them and advice them to reach the divine. When I found out about my own health issues, despite having given others advice on this. I still found myself praying/talking to the Gods like, "please make me better!" Almost like a child talking to their parent like "make me better and I'll clean my room!" lol. So the "more" part I'm looking for is just strength I get from the knowlege that there are other wiccans out there living with chronic conditions that are damn fine witches. In a way I gain some kind of spiritual strength and healing from knowing that. I don't know if I'm wording this well. :)

You worded it just fine!  Well said and well met.  I've occasionally found myself doing that too.  And yes, commiseration helps!
I once knew a Wiccan with fibro. She was extremely energy-sensitive. If anyone is interested in trying out energy stuff on somebody, such as elemental psi energy spheres, or other kinds of energy manipulation for positive learning experiences, people like this could be very valuable. I would suggest that through proper energy training, Wiccans with fibro may have the potential to be very skilled and powerful, having such sensitivity to energy fields. This is quite a step beyond empathy abilities, to be clear.

I agree heartily.  For some reason, there are an inordinate number of Fibro folks in my rather large Trad, and I have tentatively come to the conclusion that folks with Fibro and other chronic conditions might be drawn to this path because of energetic sensitivities and the desire to heal and be healed.  The Fibro folks and other chronic sufferers are often the best medical intuitives, diviners, and energy manipulators I've encountered.  Too, we all have to take extra precautions because ritual energy can do funky things to us.  Thank you for your response.


no problem. I must raise the question that many of these so-called "disorders" maybe they have some kind of unusual benefit? Like a trade off of some sort. Sickle cell trait makes you more resistant to malaria, cystic fibrosis trait makes you more resistant to cholera, Fibro makes you more energy sensitive, and malaria can actually cure syphilis by out-competing it in the body. ADD can be exploited to bring complex pieces of large mental puzzles together, while autism can result in highly skilled specialized behaviors. What else is a "disorder" with some significant trade off?
I'm not certain what other disorders would come with a trade-off that would benefit one's Wiccan practice, but I think you might be on to something.
Thanks very much for your reply!  Would you be interested in contributing to an anthology about your experiences?
I'm a Reiki Master/Teacher and can send Reiki to your cousin.  What's his/her name?

Assuming you have permission to request healing energy for him, I will send. Hang in there.  Blessings to your family at this difficult time.

Ah.  Well then, perhaps we can talk about how to get you started on your path.  I'm guessing you're interested in eclectic practice?  Ask any questions you wish.  I'm a 3rd and run a group.  Happy to offer discussion, advice, etc.


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