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I'd like to know if there are some Wiccans here who live with Fibro and if you'd be interested in a book that details how to adapt Wiccan rituals, raise energy and other stuff when one is dealing with Fibro.  Too, it's my opinion that Wiccans with Fibro sometimes have enhanced intuitive abilities, and I'd discuss this, too.  Interest?  P.S. I'm a third degree who runs a coven and have moderate Fibro so I have knowledge of the subject matter.

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Thank you very much!  I will definitely look into this!
Thank you very much.  I'm sorry you're dealing with all of that.  It sucketh.  I'm working on another project right now but when I finish it, I'll let folks know that I'm organizing the anthology.  Thanks for your interest!
eat homemade beef vegi soup made with soup bones boiled for hours.  When you are sick your perception grows. 
Thank you for the reply.  I am a vegetarian, though.  Yes, when you are dealing with chronic illness, your perception does grow.
You need something to build elastin or another chemical complex in cartilage in your body.  It is also required for the sheathing of nerves.  I don't know how veggers get it, do you eat jello?  Glutin in bread is one form but lots of people are sensitive to that.  Try eating more Asparagus, but don't overdo it, the Asparagains dampen nerves but they also make you real mellow which may not match your desired lifestyle.  Cabbage, fish, and beef also have asparagains but meats out in your case.


Thank you for the suggestions.  These are good for me and also for those reading the thread.  The original thread is about whether folks would be interested in a book about Wiccans with Fibro and other chronic afflictions and how they deal with their magical paths pertaining to their situation.

i have fibro and have been coping with it for 4 years. my doctor has me on magnesium, and co q 10 because i can not take things like lyrica, which i had a bad side effect with. i have found that even a massage from my spouse can help tremedously, in places im especially sore with like my neck and back. although there are days i cant even tolerate to be touched. for those days i find either a cool bath or warm bath help. swimming can really help, even if youre just floating in the water. with me my fibro can be "act up" on days when it rains or storms. i dont know if any of that helps

Hi, and thanks for your response.  Any sharing about this subject is beneficial. The reason for this thread was about whether folks would like to see a book tha deals with Wiccans and Fibro.  I'm a published writer and was trying to determine interest.
Im a massage therapist, and very familiar with fibromyalgia and people with this unique condition. a good massage therapist, seen regularly, can alleviate symptoms between flares and especially rare, intuitive lmt's can even become aware of your body's rhythms and help predict flares. Fool proof? No. miracle cure? No. but massage helps most.
Thank you for your reply.  Yes, massage helps bunches.  The thread is about how folks would receive a book about Wiccans who deal with Fibro; their specific needs, talents, and necessary accommodations.
I can definintely relate.  I went to a festival and had to sleep a lot before I could participate.  Some day I'd love to see Scotland and England, but international travel also wipes me out (of course).


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