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While working today, I came across a cluster of wild onions. I dug them up on an impulse, knowing in my gut I'd find something for them. What do you use wild onions for, aside from food?

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I have never found them wild.

BUT, they might be able to be used for sex. So, what did you use them for? 

You could mix them with black eye peas, then it would be an aphrodisiac.

Especially if it generates some kind of heat. I'll leave the rest open for speculation.

I have not used them yet. Would they really be an aphrodisiac?
Seems to me an onion is an onion. Maybe the wild aspect will have some influence, but I would imagine it to be secondary.
I do not spend money on onions for anything aside from food. I am not interested in eating wild-grown onions. Between those two things, I am seeking a purpose for wild grown onions aside from ingestion. I do not seek out things because they're "special snowflake level of magickal". Even if I did, your response would still be rather meaningless.
Allow me to elaborate, since it would seem the simplistic distillation of the concept I was illustrating is too vague for you. An onion, whether it is grown by man or occurs naturally in the wild, is going to be composed of the same basic elements, and constructed in the same basic way. The differences in the essence of the domesticated vs the wild onion are, in fact, in a scenes of the hand of man playing a role in the existence of said onion. Therefore, one could reasonably assume that a wild onion would induce an element of the wild, per say the untamed, into whatever working you used it for. A quick example, using the concept of an aphrodisiac, would be that a domestic onion would give you more of a domesticated push to the result of your work, whereas the wild onion would add a more feral nature to your result. Say, the difference between the Macarena and the Tango. Now, I have no idea what you meant by spending money on onions or eating wild grown ones ( which can actually be quite delicious) unless that was in response to a different poster, but my reply, thusly extrapolated, should be far from meaningless.

Being eclectic Wiccan, if I found wild onions growing in my garden I would cultivate the bulbs for future green leek leaves for cooking and veneration to Deities associated with them, particularly the Goddess Hecate. In some beliefs, onions and garlic were symbolically used to ward off negative energies. Garlic being another related bulb plant lasts longer dried and can be used on altar spaces and displayed on walls as in numerous countries like chilis.  I have the smaller "bunching onions" that I planted in my home vegetable patches that I maintain in front of a statue of a garden Gnome honoring plant spirits. 

Onions in Mythology

So many various times I see those trying to find fantastical and near charlatanistic approaches to Sorcery and Magick.  Magick and Sorcery The Life Forces that infill and generate each of us is sustained by the very simple acts and actuations of ingesting and consuming other wild or domesticate life forms.  This is essential the High Magick spoken of in elixirs as well as the Wavelengths of energies often called Intelligences or spirits emanating from every sphere and radiance of anything existent, even a rock like Amethysts or Crystal has a frequency vibration.  With some they have little to no effect or affect, with others the smallest traces can bring about quickened enthusiasms and exuberant ecstasies.  So when you satana's horse really a goat dog mock and attempt to mutter belittling statements of importance to you, and disregard anothers just as important experiences to the other you have effectively put your blinders of plowing in a single line over your eyes, and became the same as a person unable to discover possibilities outside or other than your Sinicism will allow you to comprehend or experience.  Great- You know apparently if only tracking or tracing a single straight line, if their are variances in terrain you come to a halt.  No advice though.

Sorry, I'm not exactly sure what point you're making other than your personal distaste for my name/icon combo.

What are you carrying forth about now?

Thanks Nephele! I'll give it a look :D


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