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What thats a badass gif

He's from Argentina, I'm sure that stuff is old hat to him. He's quite the diplomat so I'm sure he'll address the issues without too much offense to the locals and their culture.  He's visiting the prison in Bolivia, pretty sure those peeps have the bigger beef.

How would you feel if some Holiest of Holies visits and doesn't get you released?

Apparently there is animosity in some people towards the Pope in Bolivia as evidenced by the defacing of this mural with red paint in El Alto, Bolivia.

o___o i would've never guessed

I dislike the pope. The media and some liberals dress him up as some great guy but he still supports a lot of the oppression the church does on people while vying for more political power. I think he needs to stay in Italy.


Pope Francis Receives Communist cross from Bolivian president: LINK

Pope Francis apologizes for ecclesiastical crimes against the indigenous: LINK

(On both sides, not everyone's satisfied with the visit but it's a start at least) 

exactly! the start! I am glad there even was a start :]

heres hoping that Francis is a pope who reconizes the legitmency of other religions

"The pope is a European god not an Andean god," said one healer who withheld his name, fearing government reprisals. "It seems absurd the government would spend so much money on the pope's visit."

Apparently persecution of non-Christians is not yet over south of the border despite claims to the contrary.


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