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Most everyone has heard of the "casting" hand and the "receiving" hand usually defined by your dominate hand being your casting and your weaker hand being your receiving. I have a couple of questions regarding this subject. First, can you "feel" the energy being cast or received by using your hands in the manner as described above, or do you switch it up depending on the work that you are doing? Second, what happens when you are genuinely ambidextrious? This second question is in relation to myself, and in my own experience I tend to use both to cast and receive energy (since I'm not usually doing both at the same time). I have tried using one hand or the other, but it just does'nt feel right so now I use both hands in all of my energy work. I was just wondering what the "general consensus" was on this subject.

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Which ever one you get the best visualization and feeling from.
what happens when you are genuinely ambidextrious?
That is my #1 question on this subject. I am one of those people that is ambidexterious.
I cannot say which had is more dominate than the other, for they each have thier seperate as well as shared duties.
Long before I started to use tarot, I played cards all the time. When I would go to my grandparents, that was my favorite, for they liked to play cards all the time. It was my grandmother that noticed that I dealt cards with my left hand and not my right, like most people do. Now hitting a ball with a bat I can do very well, but only on the right and I kick a ball with my left side. I can write, and it is readable, with both hands, but the right is more practiced since I was scolded in school when in 1st grade for using my left hand.

It seems from the responses that it really does not matter which hand is used. Tis a good thing I guess, because I have always favored my left hand for doing most things that do not involve writing.
I'm usually right-handed in most things, but in magick I'm left-handed.
My opinion... It's all in the concentration, the will. I've sent and received with both hands. I've sent and received energy with my third eye. Hell, I've sent and received energies through my toes.

Energy is all around us, in everything, in us. I don't know about you, but I don't have a spout like a teakettle where everything leaves from one area. I'm porous, and energy can be made to come in or out of any of those pores.

Again, just my opinion.
I can go with that is everywhere.
If my hubby can read my mind, it is energy from head to head.
But we manipulate things physically with our hands and perhaps it is this simple mode of thinking that has lead to the 'use' of hands for magic.
I see them more as a tool, the hands. Our "Gods given athame", as my mentor taught me. Necessary, perhaps, in the beginning of learning energy manipulation, and definitely a help to focus such workings. I don't deny that I use my hands for this purpose during rituals, spells, and the like, but most often, I don't use them.

Some witches use tools (wands, athames, etc), others don't. In my beginnings (which wasn't terribly long ago, mind you), I didn't see the purpose of such things. I found them to be somewhat useless and distracting. But in my studies (which are far from over), I've seen that tools do have a purpose and do help one focus on the goal.
I agree that energy is everywhere, but what about the "streamlining" and focus of the energy?
I just said that using tools, such as the hands, does help focus things, did I not?
I was speaking more towards your mention of the flow of energy through you, and I also learned from "my" mentor fifteen years ago that the hand is the most powerful of athames.
So Do I Dravan
I usually prefer to cast and receive with my left hand. Rarely do I use my right hand unless it is with my left hand, as in creating energy balls or charging and object. More often I feel the energy, like a spark or anticipation (it's difficult to explain). I have seen it, but rarely. Usually when it's dark.
I like to visualize and even "hear" the energy, this way I can sense what it is doing.


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