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What music do you listen to that helps you cross the hedge or get into deep meditation or gets your energy all wound up. Or completley chilled. I listen to alot of drumming and the like and also stuff like The Moon and the Night Spirit and Faun. Looking for new stuff. Maybe stuff without words. =D 

Thanks kindreds!

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usually drumming music with some wind instruments.  depends on what mood sometimes.   classical.  and even some 11th century music. 

I came across some Egyptian music from BCE.  Interesting

Makes you want to MAMBO

SIN, Justin Beiber just doesn't work for me like he does you...

But now Taylor Swift... XD

wow...there's so many

let's see

for relaxation

well natural rain sounds (thunderstorms)ocean waves, winter winds(all you tube videos)  guess you could say that it is Mother Nature's music.., some classical music, new age like Yanni and  energy raising, classic rock like Fleetwood Mac's stuff(Go your Own way) *80's big hair bands, Def Leppard, Kiss, just...I have a long list...

This is quite nifty


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