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Ok, we had a thread long time ago about WoW players here.

All the WoW players know that the last patch (preparing for Cataclysm) is a major overhaul. I was honestly ready to leave WoW at one point. It's like re-learning again how to play your characters.

Anyway, I decided that if it's re-learning, then I'd better re-roll. So the ones of you who want to try this, I'll be on the RP server Shadow Council (cool name huh) and my char will be named Seachain.

Edit: Alliance of course.

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I've decided to leave WoW behind me, with Cat. They are taking the skill out of the game, and I can't stand it. Sadly enough this was and probably still is my favorite MMO of all time. Nothing will ever compare but I think Bliz has hung their noose with this one.

Good luck leveling and I hope you enjoy Cat!
Blessed Be,
thought i would say hello, but ive always wondered.. how do people play these things? i never much got into video games.
I don't really like what they did. My b/f though loves it. His main is a rouge and they really seem to have a hard on for that class. They screwed Warlocks...which is my class=(

I figure I'll give it a shot, maybe do the duel class. We will see.
opp my bad, you can't double classes, but I say BS!!!
I completely redid half of my powers. I'm grinding up towards getting new swords because I'm going from the tanking Frost spec to the not-taking Frost spec. And I don't like it. :C

Good thing I can farm netherweave & make bandages to vendor....
World Of War-crack !
lol could not help myself . Sorry don't play anymore . Took up to much of my time .
Yeah, this patch came out a few days after I made my alt, so it's making it way easier to play my alt than to play my main, cause I don't have to re-learn my alt.
i'll make a character on there as soon as i can my main is on emerald dream lvl 80 druid Phaserbomb
"WoW is just like cheep cocain except coke cost more than $14.99" Everytime I WoW by Crazy Crash
My husband and I played WOW together for years. We ran a small guild for casual players and had a lot of fun with it while it lasted. But, eventually we just reached a point where it stopped being fun. It's been a year or two since we quit playing. Sometimes I miss it, but I don't think we'd go back to it.

Good Luck with your re-roll! :)
I haven't been able to really get in and figure stuff out since the patch as I've been too busy. My husband has 8 80's, and he's about halfway through figuring each of them out (playing them is another story.) I'm taking out all my addons first, since they took out the need for a couple of mine and will add them back in one by one.

I wouldn't really reroll until Cataclysm, though - and then roll one of the new characters for fun, or just reroll and see the new content with old world changed.
Yep, I've been super busy and only have short amounts of time to play this month, no time to even tie up the computer with that long ass patch download. And from what I hear it will take a while just to redo my talents etc . Thinking I'll suspend my account this month until they iron out the bugs.
Yeah, I'm not an end gamer really either - can't find a guild that raids with decent (8pmish) hours WEST coast time. I simply can't do it at 6pm my time - kids need bathing and homework finishing and dinner eaten. So, I'm satisfied with what I am able to do.


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