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Ok, we had a thread long time ago about WoW players here.

All the WoW players know that the last patch (preparing for Cataclysm) is a major overhaul. I was honestly ready to leave WoW at one point. It's like re-learning again how to play your characters.

Anyway, I decided that if it's re-learning, then I'd better re-roll. So the ones of you who want to try this, I'll be on the RP server Shadow Council (cool name huh) and my char will be named Seachain.

Edit: Alliance of course.

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heh, as lock turned healer I beg to differ. DK's never had a solid tanking spec like pallys or warriors did. I have met very few DK's who could actually tank a 5 man decently, have yet to see one that can to anything other than off tank on a high end end game boss. Which is what I think they are trying to change, and it could very well end up being a good thing, if the DK's on our server would learn how to play their toon that is. I have a DK, but I've never been a big fan of them, might change though with all the new stuff coming out. Never know :D


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