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I hope I dont get trash talked for this post. I know a lot of people MIGHT get mad and holler at me...

I am Wiccan. But I HAVE had traditions (right now I dont have one...) HOWEVER! I HAVE in the past worked with Lilith. I have an altar dedicated to her for that purpose. 
My NORMAL altar, does not honor her... it is just a general altar.

I have been feeling a VERY HIGH attraction to Lilith. I know she stems from many traditions- including Sumerian. Could be because I worked with a Sumerian Demon once that I feel that strong attraction to her?
And yet, I know that there is NO SPECIFIC tradition that honors Lilith.
Yet I would probably work a little more on the Sumerian side of things, if indeed that is a thing.

I was wondering if there are any invocations... dedications... monthly esbat rituals, sabbat rituals... 

Even any Books Specifically dedicated to her Would be ESPECIALLY helpful!!!!!!!
Books that have special spells dedicated to her, books that outline specifics of worshipping her, such as rituals, and when to perform them, and spells and again when to cast them.

And a question I have... does honoring Lilith make me a form of Satanist/ Luciferian?

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Well I won't trash talk you. Lilith is actually from Jewish mythology. Lilitu has been associated with Lilith, but is not the same person (Like saying Artemis and Hecate are the same which I have seen in the past). I suggest if you really want to look into the actual Lilith I would suggest separating her from the assimilation that I see as bastardization of the mythology that hides the true beauty of the goddess. Peel away the layers of faux spirituality. I would suggest the Zohar and the ABCs of Ben Sira. Good luck :)

She is the same figure. Ardat lili and Lilit, are also among the names of Lilith. Just like the Canaanite Anat is the same as the Hebrew Anath. The name Lilith is directly etymologically towards Lilitu, which in Sumerian is lil2. There is no "assimilation" unless you count her going into another culture. (Just as Ishtar became Aphrodite.) There is plenty of evidence they are the same figure.

The reason her mythology is radically different is because gods and spirits evolve over time. They aren't static figures. Jewish myth is what gave her "importance" anyway, because she was merely a minor spirit in Mesopotamia.

You can believe that If you want I won't argue, because it would be a waste of time. Lilith is a figure of a woman freeing herself from the oppression of man and God. Associating her with Lilitu just because they have similar names cheapens the original narrative. Lilitu was a monstrous being who killed women and children and was driven away by Pazuzu. Lilith was a feminine figure that was punished for refusing to lay under Adam and was punished. The story of Lilith was to teach Jewish women to submit to their husbands. I think associating the two together cheapens the rich history of both figures. You have the right to your opinion, but I feel you are wrong.

I am taking my opinion from academia on a figure that is over 3000 years old and has a varied history across cultures. They aren't the same because of *similar names*. No, this is directly etymologically related meaning Lilith would never exist without Lilitu.

Lilith is older than stories of her and Adam. She appears in earlier Israelite and Jewish literature and narratives without the Eden story and subsequent punishment by God. There are plenty of academic online resources that can clear that up for you. 

>The story of Lilith was to teach Jewish women to submit to their husbands.

Incorrect. It was made to explain Genesis having contradicting passages. Furthermore, Ben Sira was not meant to be consumed by "Jewish wives" and the story merely mimics the other story around the same time of Satan refusing to submit to Adam.

Was Lilith used to demonize independent women? Certainly. But the Jews didn't start that. The Sumerians did. There are tons of passages on it.

Hhhmm theres a practice i was shown by the peubla people of mexico.. They said one has to abstain from any form of ejaculation
Or sex for more that 3 months.
Lilith hunts for the male creative force. Meaning she will not look for women.
Men who havent ejaculated or mated for 3 months or more have alot more creative force/energy then all the rest. Meaning you will attract lilith and offer her your creative force and she offers you the pleasure.. But in my opinion ita a one sided deal. Id rather have the creative force. For other more extravagent. Ways to mingle in the etheral side.

Our creative force of males is one of the most important and needed power for sorcery and brujeria

She does look for women because she harms babies and pregnant women.

i did not know ;0
i only seen her once. Pale skin red hair. And that was in a night vision
I even received a kiss on the right cheek from a femanine force..
This happend while in my bed awake and unable to talk or move or even open my eyes

I answered this on the other forum where you posted the same topic. My blog has a ton of Lilith stuff. And no it does not mean you are a Satanist or Luciferian.

Well I am for sure not a man. So I guess I dont have to worry there about abstaining.

But Yeah I just need simple rituals dedicated to her and stuff. I mean this topic has strayed so much O__o

And the reason I asked if she was luciferian or satanist, because she shows up in a LOT of references towards the deity in a theistic manner as well as a lot of Chaos Magic dedicated to the darker side... I was just wondering what to call myself thereafter I devote myself to her.

Well, in Jewish lore she was the wife of Satan and is a popular figure because of it. There are plenty of pagans devoted to Lilith. They are not Satanists or Luciferian.

Chaos magic is not Satanism. Chaos magic is something else entirely.

Basically I am asking... because I want to know what things to research... And Lilith shows up a LOT in Luciferianism.

And I wonder if I DID go Luciferianism, if I would worship Lilith or Lucifer himself. I dont know how to go about any of this.
I have been a solitary generalized Pagan for years- but in feeling the pull to worship a Goddess.
I proimised that when I DO devote myself to a deity, I will study under that particular tradition.
So if that comes to having to devote myself to Luciferianism, and work my rituals around that, to devote to Lilith I will.

Luciferianism focuses on Lucifer, and usually that includes Lilith as his consort. You don't have to devote yourself to Luciferianism to be devoted to Lilith. I am not, for example.


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