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I hope I dont get trash talked for this post. I know a lot of people MIGHT get mad and holler at me...

I am Wiccan. But I HAVE had traditions (right now I dont have one...) HOWEVER! I HAVE in the past worked with Lilith. I have an altar dedicated to her for that purpose. 
My NORMAL altar, does not honor her... it is just a general altar.

I have been feeling a VERY HIGH attraction to Lilith. I know she stems from many traditions- including Sumerian. Could be because I worked with a Sumerian Demon once that I feel that strong attraction to her?
And yet, I know that there is NO SPECIFIC tradition that honors Lilith.
Yet I would probably work a little more on the Sumerian side of things, if indeed that is a thing.

I was wondering if there are any invocations... dedications... monthly esbat rituals, sabbat rituals... 

Even any Books Specifically dedicated to her Would be ESPECIALLY helpful!!!!!!!
Books that have special spells dedicated to her, books that outline specifics of worshipping her, such as rituals, and when to perform them, and spells and again when to cast them.

And a question I have... does honoring Lilith make me a form of Satanist/ Luciferian?

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I'm a Celt-Roman Druid so I blend both and I love the deeper mysteries :)

I have one more recommendation. The root force behind Lilith is much bigger than her aspect projects. It’s like the old tale of the blind men and the elephant. Each person feels a different aspect, and gives it a different name. However, folklore is a good source of information. Especially fairy tales — just the old embarrassing ones. I have a book of “Vasilisa the Beautiful and Baba Yaga” illustrated by Ivan Bilibin. This is essentially a story about how to interact with an aspect of the dark goddess and come out alive. It is a story I wish I’d had to read to my daughters, but am now reading to my granddaughters. Understand the myth; understand the reality under the myth, and understand the reality under reality.

Baba Yaga is freaking fascinating!

I am looking thru links that state that the original Lilith was the left hand of justice for

the mother goddess in those cultures. The Hebrew people bastardized the name they used

for the first wife of Adam turning the goddess of justice into a demon.

Major university sites should have more.

 The links I have go back 20 yrs.

Lilith was never a goddess and Ishtar nor Lilith are "mother goddesses".


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