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I hope I dont get trash talked for this post. I know a lot of people MIGHT get mad and holler at me...

I am Wiccan. But I HAVE had traditions (right now I dont have one...) HOWEVER! I HAVE in the past worked with Lilith. I have an altar dedicated to her for that purpose. 
My NORMAL altar, does not honor her... it is just a general altar.

I have been feeling a VERY HIGH attraction to Lilith. I know she stems from many traditions- including Sumerian. Could be because I worked with a Sumerian Demon once that I feel that strong attraction to her?
And yet, I know that there is NO SPECIFIC tradition that honors Lilith.
Yet I would probably work a little more on the Sumerian side of things, if indeed that is a thing.

I was wondering if there are any invocations... dedications... monthly esbat rituals, sabbat rituals... 

Even any Books Specifically dedicated to her Would be ESPECIALLY helpful!!!!!!!
Books that have special spells dedicated to her, books that outline specifics of worshipping her, such as rituals, and when to perform them, and spells and again when to cast them.

And a question I have... does honoring Lilith make me a form of Satanist/ Luciferian?

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I am looking thru links that state that the original Lilith was the left hand of justice for

the mother goddess in those cultures. The Hebrew people bastardized the name they used

for the first wife of Adam turning the goddess of justice into a demon.

Major university sites should have more.

 The links I have go back 20 yrs.

Lilith was never a goddess and Ishtar nor Lilith are "mother goddesses".

Not only does Lilith appear in Sumerian/Babylonian mythology and Jewish folk lore, but she is also important in modern astrology. Astrologers interpret the meaning and influence of Lilith in the horoscope in a way that that is resonant both with her traditional image and the reinterpretation of that image by modern feminists. It is best to use the "true Lilith" in your chart instead of the "mean Lilith". The true Lilith is the actual position of Lilith which we can ascertain with advanced technology such as computers. Lilith is not a physical body in the solar system, but is the position of the apogee of the moon's orbit, in other words,the point at which the moon is furthest from the earth. Lilith in a horoscope therefore provides us with an insight into special Lunar energies which might otherwise escape our attention. As you might expect, Lilith in the horoscope is a point of concentration for the "dark" energies of the moon. My advice to you is to use the links that I shall provide to create a natal chart for yourself that will enable you to work with your "own" Lilith. Then use the link for the ephemeris (daily table) of Lilith that will enable you to track the position of Lilith throughout 2017. The time to perform rituals in honor of Lilith and cast spells etc. will be the times when the transiting Lilith forms major aspects to herself or other planets in your natal chart, especially the Moon, the Sun, or the ascendent. Then if you find that the transiting Lilith is forming (for example) a conjunction with your natal Sun, look up "Lilith conjunct Sun" online to read about the significance of that transit. Maybe, if you are not familiar with astrology on this level, you might want to ask a knowledgeable friend or professional astrologer to help you. Or ask to be my PaganSpace friend and I can give you some help through the inbox service. To make a horoscope for yourself that includes Lilith, go to:

Be sure to select Lilith in the "Additional Objects" box. For the transits of Lilith go to:

You will find Lilith in the 2nd to last column; her symbol is a crescent moon above a cross.

BTW In reference to what Nephele said about the Talmud, I think that I might try sleeping in a house alone.

When you use Lilith in astrology as an aid to knowing and worshiping her, you are actually doing something that is very "pagan". Both in Mesopotamia and in the classical Mediterranean world the people who were "in the know" believed that the gods lived not only in the temples or on sacred mountains, but also in the planets. The earth was thought to exist at the center of a series of concentric circles, each one of which was ruled by the deity of the planet that orbited the earth in that circle. The initiate of the mysteries passed through several grades, from novice to master, as he or she penetrated successive layers (the circles) of this cosmos, and finally arrived at the level of the stars, "heaven", beyond Saturn. The Sun and the Moon were considered to be planets, for the term means "wanderer". The rulers of nations employed astrologers to tell them when the gods would grant victory or defeat in war, or abundance or famine, or health or plagues, according to the planetary movements.

You're called by whichever spirits call you.  Never be ashamed of that or afraid to be judged.  Like Lillith Herself, don't take no guff from no one.  ;-)

Sorry for the late reply.... I've also noticed a call from the Adversary, Lucifer

Might I be Luciferian?

More than one "person" answers to the name Lucifer. There is a masculine Lucifer and a feminine Lucifer. I trust the gnostic writers who insisted that the "true" Lucifer is Sophia, the goddess of divine Wisdom. The name "Lucifer", after all, signifies the Morning Star, which is Venus. In most mythologies Venus is a goddess. To further investigate the feminine Lucifer, I recommend my blog Be sure to read the three-part essay, "A History of Lucifer". I summarize everthing in a 3-minute YouTube video at

Be sure to read the written material that accompanies the video.


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