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Just curious as to opinions about not only communicating with the dead but also trying to contact your loved ones who have crossed on.

Would you try to contact them or would you let them rest?

This isn't a post saying I would per say, but I have been thinking about my grandmother a lot recently.

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Thats a quite hard question, i am unsure about what I would do

I think that I would try to contact them if I didn't had the chance to say goodbye properly, i would contact them to share one final farawell

But other than that, I would peobably let go of them and just let them rest

Some paths do have ancestor worship or believe their ancestors are around them all the time, helping and protecting them in every day life.

Unless you're one of those, I feel nothing is important enough to try to disturb my loved ones from their rest or current status. 

I do really like this idea actually. I have a friend who has an ancestor altar of sorts but just lights a candle for them. Kind of like honoring them.

I wouldn't as much as i miss them. The way I see it-it was their time to go and should be left in peace.

No. I miss those who passed but the wheel of life and death turn and I wouldn't disrupt it or try to cross the divine.

I talk to my Grandmother sometimes; I don’t know if she hears me. My Dad talked to me in a dream once, he flipped me the bird, seriously.

did you flip him back?

No, I knew why he was angry. His anger was justified.

I love them, certainly, but they afforded me no guidance or knowledge of value when they were incarnated, only ever passing along what they feared and aspired to.

Bingo.  In some cultures and paths, the dead are just the dead.  They didn't get any smarter or wiser or caring by becoming dead.

The door is always open to them.

Ganshmi what a wonderful discussion!

As far as my grandparents there has been a few times since their passing that I have felt and seen them. Um sometime I call to my Dadoc and ask for help.

However my Beloved D has never left me. There are spells of time he isn't real present. I don't know where he goes? He told me threw a reputable physic in a group reading with 3 of my friends as witnesses. He will be with me for the rest of my life, or unless I ask him to leave. No way Im ready for that!!! December 15th will be 4 years. I treasure each and everyone of his visits. 

"...but grief makes one consider many possibilities."

Your right about that. My oldest sister once said after her husband died that she would give anything to talk to him one more time.


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