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So I originally posted this to the group Xenites Unite, however the group isnt currently doing anything so I thought I'd bring this discussion to the table.  Warning: The following discussion is full of nerdiness.

So the great thing about being Pagan is that God/Goddess/Universe/Divinity can be anything we need it to be.  This is why there are SO many deities in Paganism.  We can take an idea and give it a face and a name and honor it to bring ourselves closer to it.  A while ago I suffered from alot of self doubt and depression.  I did alot of sitting on my butt and watching tv and feeling sorry for myself.  Well I began watching old Xena episodes on Netflix and BAM....something in me began to stir.  I would watch an episode and immediatly afterward would have more energy and even found myself doing Xena like flips on my bed like a total goof! I was enjoying life.  I wanted to bring that spark out of the tv and into my life.  As a practicing pagan I was no stranger to setting up altars, doing rituals, and honoring deities, so I created a Xena altar in honor of the energy she was bringing into my life.  As I began working with this new home made Goddess, she began revieling things to me.  I saw her in her triple form. Gabrielle, Xena, and the Dark Xena. Corny right?! Well if you ever watch the tv show you know that Gabrielle and Xena are soulmates and seem to be part of the same soul, just in two bodies.  Gabrielle is like the maiden aspect of the Goddess and her attributes are many things like, poetry, healing, inspiration, love etc.  Xena was the protector, mother, care taker, justice, shaman etc etc. Then their was Xenas dark side which was destruction, death, fire etc.  I made whole lists for each aspects.  I still call on the Goddess Xena in my life today and whenever I need a pick-me-up I watch old episodes.  I may be a total nerd but it works for me!  Create what works for you!

I was wondering if anyone else has a Goddess/God/Diety that in unconventional or home-made that they would like to share about.  ~Live long and prosper <--- (if your gunna nerd out, might as well go all the way)

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Wow! Very interesting.  I love the black skull!  I checked out the blog post and could totally see the spirit inside the skull. I really like this concept and you've given me some things to think about.  Thanks for sharing:)

Glad this post brought back some memories for you!  And although I did not include Argo in the triple aspect I will say the Goddess Xena's totem animal was a horse :)  Thanks for your reply!

Man, I loved that show.  

Xena, Hercules, and Bay Watch made getting home from school even better back in the day.

I don't have god/or goddess that I care about, because I don't believe they exist, and if they did, I don't think they'd be bothered with us humans.


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