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You Can Now Sign "A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment"

You can now sign "A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment" a... 

The statement was drafted over a period of 6 months by Pagans from all over the (mostly English-speaking) world.  After a period of public comment and revisions in response to the comments, the statement was recently published in its final form on Earth Day 2015.  We are currently translating the statement into a dozen or so languages.

At, you can read the statement, learn more about how the statement was drafted, help with the translations, and sign on your own behalf or on behalf of an organization you represent.

Signatories to the statement include Pagan organizations as Cherry Hill Seminary, the Pagan Federation, Circle Sanctuary, Earth Spirit Community, Ár nDríaocht Féin (ADF), Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids, Reformed Druids of Gaia, Aquarian Tabernacle Church, Feraferia, and the Fellowship of Isis; Pagan leaders like Starhawk, Selena Fox, Oberon Zell, Rev. Patrick McCollum, Andras Corban-Arthen, Philip Garr-Comm, Rev. Kirk Thomas, and David Pollard; scholars like Graham Harvey, Michael York, Sabina Magliocco, Gus DiZerega, and Adrian Harris; authors like Carol Christ, Vivianne Crowley, Glenys Livingstone, Karen Tate, and Elizabeth Cunningham; editors of Pagan periodicals like Heather Green (The Wild Hunt) and Anne Newkirk Niven (Witches & Pagans magazine); artists like Sharon Knight; and hundreds of others.

Please add your voice to those already raised by signing "A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment".

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The last discussion went so poorly, that it was shut down.

It was closed because one admin disagreed with the statement. That person tried to delete this announcement and ban me too, but I appealed to another admin.

No, it was shut down because you were constantly calling any poster with a dissenting view TROLLS.

Sin, you're right.  I responded to insult and sarcasm with name-calling.  It was unconstructive.  I apologize.

I'm not sure why you're advertising this. I'm pretty sure no one wanted to sign this last time this was on here.

You and about 5 other people didn't want to sign. That's fine. But you don't represent all of PaganSpace.

Nor does this "Statement" represent ALL Pagans!

No it does not.  You are correct.  It only represents those who sign it.

Ah this fraud again. Come back when you actually have the signatures of those above (yes you have a few) but it's fraud to take someone's name without their permission no matter what agenda your pushing.

Every one of those people and organizations has signed. Your comment libelous. I'm reporting you to the administrator.

Cherry Hill Seminary #441
the Pagan Federation #407
Circle Sanctuary #14
EarthSpirit Community #274
Ár nDríaocht Féin (ADF) #62
Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids #1617
Reformed Druids of Gaia #1682
Aquarian Tabernacle Church #464
Feraferia #107
Fellowship of Isis #264
Starhawk #812
Selena Fox #15
Oberon Zell #465
Rev. Patrick McCollum #624
Andras Corban-Arthen #266
Philip Garr-Comm #1618
Rev. Kirk Thomas #64
David Pollard #12
Graham Harvey #546
Michael York #8
Sabina Magliocco #466
Gus DiZerega #762
Adrian Harris #126
Carol Christ #1752
Vivianne Crowley #116
Glenys Livingstone #46
Karen Tate #19
Elizabeth Cunningham #259
Heather Greene #292
Anne Newkirk Niven #99
Sharon Knight #676
M. Macha Nightmare #28


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