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            My question is this . What kind of temple/ alter do you have. I have a small mobile alter I can set up anywhere I am if I take it with me. Well except for my alter statues. I don't have them yet and  need to replace a few candles lol. But, I have all the rest. sometimes when I go on the road I have an extra trunk in the trunk with all my alterstuff. But I am considering building a slightly more mobile one in a bag . Any suggestions?

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You don't need much for a mobile altar.  A couple of deity figurines - I use chess pieces.  They're pretty sturdy for traveling - a cone of incense, a nice scarf or handkerchief and some candles. 

I started doing that after you told me what you did.  :-)

I bought a Greek gods set of chess pieces years ago.  Once I read what you told me you did, I went and got the king and queen, which are Zeus and Hera.  They're pewter and fit nicely in a little velvet bag.

VERY cool

Haha! 'Alter' bugs me too...along with 'truely'. Makes me insane!

Nice altar. Very nice!
I never thought of using a king and queen from a chess set. I mean them being also known as lord and lady. How cool.

My travel altar fits in an Altoids' tin ... so, pretty small. I have matches in there that double as incense. Birthday candles, a small Goddess figurine that I made myself, a square piece of silk, some salt ... and that's it. At home, I use the top of my dresser for the altar so it's much bigger. But, for travel, I go with tiny. 

That is one serious travel alter. Kind of a go anywhere alter I like it
I have two. One is a large garden shrine that my mom helped me build. It has a large altar with a goddess and horned god statue and large statues of Persephone and mothe Gaia, the entrance has a large dragon, and gargoyles. My indoor one has statues of Artemis and Cernunnos, a five candle holder with the triple moon. A goddess chalice before my mother goddess mural. :)
I had to put them in my photo gallery on my page, because I had to do it on my phone. :)
Thanks. Shes still a bit iffy at times about me being a pagan, but overall shes great.

Beautiful setup!

You what I do is to buy a good size hat box or rectangular box that opens. I like using those because it's portable and you can also keep your tools and such inside so it has a multi-purpose.  You can find some nice ones at places like Ross where it's not expensive. I also bought a little plant stand with rolling wheels underneath that I place my altar on. I like it cause then you can roll it around without having to take down and put up your altar. You can find them everywhere inexpensive too.

Hope that makes sense. lol Blessed be


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