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Within the letters of your ordinary, everyday name hides a Pagan name that is uniquely your own.  It is only waiting to be revealed in anagram.  Through the art of anagramming, I propose to give you a Pagan name that you may use as a pen name, screen name, or for whatever purpose you choose.

To participate, you will need to scramble (for privacy) the letters of your FULL NAME: first name, middle name, last name

PLEASE remember to include your middle name (if you have one) so that I have enough letters to work with.  

If you would rather not include your surname in your scramble, then please substitute it with a word that describes you.  This is so that I will have enough letters to work with.


If you need help scrambling your letters, here is an online scrambler that you can use (click on link below to scramble your name):


Please (again, for privacy) scramble your letters as one continuous word, like this: jfkdhalsipoaayzmi. Don't separate your three names into three separate scrambles.

Most important:  Check the letters in your scramble to make certain that you have not left out a letter of your name.  If you accidentally leave out a letter, you will not get a true anagram of your name.


When you are done, post your scramble here, and I will anagram a Pagan name out of it for you.


Also, please let me know whether you are male or female.

Thank you, to all who voted a "Like" for this topic, or who left feedback about their anagrammed names on my Pagan Space Comment Wall.  I'm glad you enjoyed!


-- Nephele

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Ava, that was better. :)  Welcome to Pagan Space:


Tzarah Lizabette Ravendark

= zhKerntDrEzrlbaaaAvetait


Tzarah:  meaning "empress, queen."


-- Nephele

Thank you very much! It's beautiful


Jamie Cambron, welcome to Pagan Space!  Take your pick:


Ama Cinnamonherb

Ambreah Cinnamon

Abrianna Memnoch (goth name)

= NrbmCaonnahmeia


Memnoch:  the title character in Anne Rice's novel Memnoch the Devil (fifth novel in the Vampire Chronicles series)


-- Nephele


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