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There's something odd about the residents of Summerisle (in The Wicker Man)...  No, it's not what you're thinking.   It's their names.  :)


Fans of The Wicker Man (the original 1973 movie – forget the crappy 2006 re-make) will have noticed that the pagan residents of Summerisle are all named after trees, flowers, herbs, and other plants.  Their surnames are Scottish – but even this is changing, as some of the Summerisle pagans have taken to adopting nature-themed surnames, as well (with the approval of Lord Summerisle, of course).


If you would like to know your unique Summerisle name revealed through the art of the anagram, here is what you need to do:


1. Scramble (for privacy) the letters of your full name:  First name, middle name, and last name.  If you need help scrambling your letters, here is an online scrambler that you can use (click on link below to scramble your name):


2. Let me know whether you are male or female.


3. Post your scramble here, and I will anagram your Summerisle name for you.


When you come to visit Summerisle, it's important to blend in with a proper Summerisle name.  Otherwise, you might be mistaken for someone who's come just to light up the May Day celebration...


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Damasin Icebolt

= LiMenoadsitBac


Damasin:  an archaic name for the damson plum, also called damascene.


-- Nephele

Someone needs to apologize for that remake. Anyway, I am male.


Someone needs to apologize for that remake.




Jason Durham


Amaranth H. Dunsonjoy

= nojastonayhnmduarh


Amaranth:  a flower that symbolized immortality to the ancient Greeks.


-- Nephele

nllaraulaiadxernls female :)

Lilas Lunar


Salix Lunara Rendall

= nllaraulaiadxernls


Salix:  Latin genus name for the willow.


Lunara:  variant of lunaria, which is Latin meaning "like the moon."  Lunaria is the Latin genus name for the flowering plant known in English as honesty.


-- Nephele


pat weiser


Raisin Winterpace

= wseapenitcnraiir


Raisin:  dried, sweet grape.


-- Nephele


Persicaria Winnet

= wseapenitcnraiir

Persicaria:  Latin genus name for herbs in the knotweed family.

-- Nephele

dcaaioejirndiptha ~ female

Autumn Sky


Apricot Indiah Jade

= dcaaioejirndiptha


-- Nephele



here it is,my real name scrambled

Sheew Mars


Lavender Ardis Jackson



-- Nephele


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